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Title: Two Studies of Complex Nonlinear Systems: Engineered Granular Crystals and Coarse-Graining Optimization Problems
Authors: Pozharskiy, Dmitry
Advisors: Kevrekidis, Yannis G
Contributors: Chemical and Biological Engineering Department
Keywords: bifurcation analysis
granular crystals
manifold learning
nonlinear dynamics
Subjects: Chemical engineering
Applied mathematics
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Princeton, NJ : Princeton University
Abstract: In recent years a nonlinear, acoustic metamaterial, named granular crystals, has gained prominence due to its high accessibility, both experimentally and compu- tationally. The observation of a wide range of dynamical phenomena in the system, due to its inherent nonlinearities, has suggested its importance in many engineering applications related to wave propagation. In the first part of this dissertation, we explore the nonlinear dynamics of damped- driven granular crystals. In one case, we consider a highly nonlinear setting, also known as a sonic vacuum, and derive a nonlinear analogue of a linear spectrum, corresponding to resonant periodic propagation and antiresonances. Experimental studies confirm the computational findings and the assimilation of experimental data into a numerical model is demonstrated. In the second case, global bifurcations in a precompressed granular crystal are examined, and their involvement in the appear- ance of chaotic dynamics is demonstrated. Both results highlight the importance of exploring the nonlinear dynamics, to gain insight into how a granular crystal responds to different external excitations. In the second part, we borrow established ideas from coarse-graining of dynamical systems, and extend them to optimization problems. We combine manifold learning algorithms, such as Diffusion Maps, with stochastic optimization methods, such as Simulated Annealing, and show that we can retrieve an ensemble, of few, important parameters that should be explored in detail. This framework can lead to acceleration of convergence when dealing with complex, high-dimensional optimization, and could potentially be applied to design engineered granular crystals.
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Type of Material: Academic dissertations (Ph.D.)
Language: en
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