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Electrical Engineering, 1932-2020

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Oct-2020The Design and Control of an Economical Autonomous Surface Vehicle for Object DetectionBreitfeld, Abby
2-Oct-2020Applications of Machine Learning to Causal Networks for Generating Attacks on Networked SystemsAjjarapu, Neel
2-Oct-2020Analysis and Simulation of Network Caching Models as a Solution for Improving Network ThroughputBrady, Nick
2-Oct-2020Computer Vision Applications in CNC MachineryAgureev, Alexander
24-Aug-2019A Virtual Wardrobe: A Computer Vision Approach Towards Online ShoppingSidhu, Harjot; Gupta, Mehaa
24-Aug-2019Controlling Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in High Wind Speeds Using Nano-Scale Thermal Anemometry ProbesRamesh, Gayatri; Huang, Whitney
19-Aug-2019Privacy Implications of Not-So-Hidden Comments in arXiv Files and Analysis of Online Privacy PoliciesLi, Frank
19-Aug-2019System Integration of a High Efficiency HDD Storage Server with Series-Stacked Voltage Domains and Differential Power ProcessingKushima, Parker
19-Aug-2019Methods for Snowpack Data Acquisition and CharacterizationNicholas, Matthew
19-Aug-2019Adapting an Eye Tracking Algorithm for a Compute-In-Memory UnitYu, Vivian
19-Aug-2019Fabrication of Highly-Porous Stress-Free 3D-Compatible Flexible Neural ProbesWang, Matt
19-Aug-2019Guard Placement Attacks on Path Selection Algorithms for TorWan, Gerry
19-Aug-2019Precision, Many-Channel DAC for Quantum ExperimentsVandewarker, Travis
19-Aug-2019DC DIPS: Direct Current in Distributed Power SystemsUmeh, Obinna
19-Aug-2019Matched-Filter Musical Motif DiscoveryThande, Njuguna
19-Aug-2019Exploration and Implementation of MIMO mm-Wave Computational Imaging with a non-Planar Origami SurfaceSturm, Dan
19-Aug-2019Intelligent Harmonization Techniques for Embedded Musical SystemsSherman, Porter
19-Aug-2019Discovering the Origin of Shallow Traps in Si-SiO\(_{2}\) Quantum Dots for Quantum Information ApplicationsSekine, Ryoto
19-Aug-2019Applications of Photonic Neural Architectures to Optical CryptographyRussell, Peter
19-Aug-2019Incorporating Machine Learning into Medical Device SecurityRuddy, Julia
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 1436