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Electrical Engineering, 1932-2020

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Oct-2020Analyzing WhatsApp Security with Dynamic Binary InstrumentationLiu, Kevin
2-Oct-2020Full-Scale Integrated Microwave Photonic Predistortion Filter Chip DesignMiller, McGinnis
2-Oct-2020GRAVITAS: Graphical Reticulated Attack Vectors for Internet of Things Aggregate SecurityBrown, Jacob
2-Oct-2020LEADD: Learning Efficient and Accurate Disease DiagnosesZhang, Joe
2-Oct-2020Improved Binary Classification with Compact Neural Networks using AdaBoost, SCANN, & SMOTE OversamplingZuluaga, David
2-Oct-2020Machine Learning Methods for Determining Nitrogen-Vacancy Center Orientations from ODMR Spectra of Single Crystal Nanoscale DiamondsWadman, Kevin
2-Oct-2020Modelling Aberrations in Optical Systems and Non-Linearities in Spatial Light Modulators for Holographic Displays.Srivastava, Tarun
2-Oct-2020Video Synthesis: Binary Masks to Frames via DeepInversionSanthanam, Hari
2-Oct-2020Investigating Sensor Fusion Models for Human Activity RecognitionPattnaik, Akash
2-Oct-2020Metal Halide Perovskites for Blue and Near-Infrared Optically Pumped LasersNg, Jonah
2-Oct-2020Challenges and Opportunities in Heterogeneous ParallelismMarkakis, Markos
2-Oct-2020Extending Classical Deep Reinforcement Learning Techniques for use in Multi-Agent SystemsMatthews, Oliver
2-Oct-2020An Evaluation of Snowflake as an Indistinguishable Censorship Circumvention ToolMacMillan, Kyle
2-Oct-2020A Neural Network Based Approach to Acoustic Echo Cancellation with Nonlinear DistortionsJu, Alex
2-Oct-2020Programming A Poet: Poetry Text Generation Using LSTMHong, Katherine
2-Oct-2020Direct Digital Synthesis of Very High-Frequency Waveforms on an FPGAHunt, Alden
2-Oct-2020Effects of Dataset Bias on Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks for Urban Scene UnderstandingHo, Jessica
2-Oct-2020Demonstration of Wireless Power Transfer and Magnetic Field Sensing with Applications to Autonomous Systemsdogariu, Eric
2-Oct-2020Fluorescent Microscopy for Imaging of In-Vivo Cancer CellsCook, Clare
2-Oct-2020Augmented ((t,n))-threshold Quantum Secret Sharing SchemesChien, Steven
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1436