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Electrical and Computer Engineering, 1932-2022

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Aug-2022Design of Expressive Motion Primitives for Safe Human-Robot Partner DancingSvoll, Elie
12-Aug-2022Modelling and Control of a Matrix-Coupled PWM Power Converter with “All-in-One" MagneticsYang, Vincent
12-Aug-2022Porting OpenPiton to New FPGA PlatformsStevens, Will
12-Aug-2022Development of the Adapter Board System: a Control Hub for the Nanowell Sensor-Based Smart Bandage to Monitor Immune Dynamics in WoundsThorpe, Ryan
12-Aug-2022Applications of Reinforcement Learning to Effectively and Safely Control a Gantry CraneShih, Matthew
12-Aug-2022Investigating the Impact of Crystallinity on the Molecular Doping of Rubrene Thin FilmsWang, Janet
12-Aug-2022Stabilizing Perovskite LEDsScherlag, Jack
12-Aug-2022Characterizing Sources of Loss in Tantalum-Based Transmon QubitsKhedkar, Nishaad
12-Aug-2022"Do I Sound Dehydrated?" Measuring Body Hydration Levels Through VoiceRodriguez Regalado, Damian
12-Aug-2022Ultraviolet Sanitization and Filtration Equipment (UV SAFE)Zypman, Tobias
12-Aug-2022Portfolio Management Via Deep Reinforcement LearningReilly, Colin
12-Aug-2022Small Photonic Neural Networks as a Platform for Chaos-Based CryptographyReguyal, Sabrina
12-Aug-2022Designing and Implementing Strategies for Human-Robot Interaction Using a Nonlinear Model of Opinion DynamicsRamprasad, Ritika
12-Aug-2022Charge Carrier Transport Properties in n = 1 Ruddlesden Popper Phase PerovskitePucurimay, Linda
12-Aug-2022Applying Spiking Neural Networks: Current Applications, Challenges, and Future PerspectivesPaul, Andrew
12-Aug-2022Homoepitaxy and Heteroepitaxy of Organic Crystalline SemiconductorsOtani, Maria Clara
12-Aug-2022Don’t Shoot the Messenger: Temporal Grounding of Natural Language in Entities and DynamicsOrtaoglu, Begum
12-Aug-2022Ready, Dataset, Go: Using Rule- and Semantic-Based Augmentation to Improve Disease Prediction ML ModelsNjoku, Raphael
12-Aug-2022Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating a Software AI Module for Security in SmartphonesNguyen, Aaron
12-Aug-2022Towards Interpretable and Fair Computer VisionMeister, Nicole
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1504