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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-1992A Comparative Analysis of Unemployment in Canada and the United StatesCard, David
1-Dec-1998Do Unemployment Insurance Recipients Actively Seek Work? Randomized Trials in Four U.S. StatesAshmore, David; Ashenfelter, Orley; Deschenes, Olivier
1-Mar-1990The Effect of a Reemployment Bonus with the Possibility of Recall: Experimental Evidence from New JerseyAnderson, Patricia
1-Nov-1988The Impact of the Potential Duration of Unemployment Benefits on the Duration of UnemploymentMeyer, Bruce; Katz, Lawrence
1-Nov-1988Implications of the Illinois Reemployment Bonus Experiments for Theories of Unemployment and Policy DesignMeyer, Bruce
1-Aug-2008Job Search and Unemployment Insurance: New Evidence from Time Use DataKrueger, Alan B.; Mueller, Andreas
1-Nov-1988Recent Trends in Insured and Uninsured Unemployment: Is There an Explanation?Blank, Rebecca; Card, David; Newey, Whitney
Sep-2015Should UI Eligibility Be Expanded to Low-Earning Workers? Evidence on Employment, Transfer Receipt, and Income from Administrative DataLeung, Pauline; O’Leary, Christopher
1-May-1991Spillover Effects Between the Insured and Uninsured UnemployedLevine, Phillip
1-Sep-1989Testing Search Theory with Reemployment Bonus Experiments: Cross-Validation of Results from New Jersey and IllinoisLevine, Phillip
1-Dec-1996Unemployment in Canada and the United States: A Further AnalysisCard, David; Riddell, Craig
1-Aug-1986Unemployment Insurance and Male Unemployment Duration in CanadaHam, John C.; Rea, Samuel
1-Jul-1990Unemployment Insurance Taxes and the Cyclical Properties of Employment and UnemploymentCard, David; Levine, Phillip
1-Feb-1986Why Have Unemployment Rates in Canada and the U.S. Diverged?Card, David; Ashenfelter, Orley