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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-1992The Carnegie Conjecture: Some Empirical EvidenceHoltz-Eakin, Douglas; Joulfaian, David; Rosen, Harvey
1-Jan-1992A Comparative Analysis of Unemployment in Canada and the United StatesCard, David
1-Dec-1994The Covariance Structure of Intrafamily Earnings, Rising Inequality and Family Labor SupplyHyslop, Dean
1-Mar-1996Do Financial Incentives Encourage Welfare Recipients to Work? Early Findings from the Canadian Self Sufficiency ProjectCard, David; Robins, Philip
1-Jul-1989The Effect of Social Security on Labor Supply: A Cohort Analysis of the Notch GenerationKrueger, Alan B.; Pischke, Jorn-Steffen
Mar-2010El impacto de los salarios mínimos en los salarios, el empleo y la pobreza en NicaraguaAlaniz, Enrique; Gindling, T. H.; Terrell, Katherine
1-Dec-2008Gender Differences in Labor Supply to Monopsonistic Firms: An Empirical Analysis Using Linked Employer-Employee Data from GermanyHirsch, Boris; Schank, Thorsten; Schnabel, Claus
1-Jul-1988Grouped Data Estimation and Testing in Simple Labor Supply ModelsAngrist, Joshua
1-Nov-1988Implications of the Illinois Reemployment Bonus Experiments for Theories of Unemployment and Policy DesignMeyer, Bruce
1-Nov-1984Intertemporal Substitution in Labor Supply: Evidence from Micro DataAltonji, Joseph
1-May-2003Is Tomorrow Another Day? The Labor Supply of New York City Cab DriversFarber, Henry S.
1-Aug-1985Job Characteristics and Hours of WorkPaxson, Christina; Altonji, Joseph
1-Jun-1985The Labor Supply of Married Men: A Switching Regressions ModelRansom, Michael
1-Jan-1987Labor Supply Preferences, Hours Constraints, and Hours-Wage TradeoffsPaxson, Christina; Altonji, Joseph
1-Feb-1990Labor Supply with a Minimum Hours ThresholdCard, David
1-Sep-1990Labor Supply, Hours Constraints and Job MobilityPaxson, Christina; Altonji, Joseph
1-Dec-2008Low-Wage Labor Markets and the Power of SuggestionShelkova, Natalya Y.
1-Oct-2005The Mid-1990s EITC Expansion: Aggregate Labor Supply Effects and Economic IncidenceRothstein, Jesse
1-Jan-1989Minimum Chi-Square and Three-Stage Least Squares in Fixed Effects Models.Angrist, Joshua; Newey, Whitney