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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012AdS/CFT in String Theory and M-TheoryGulotta, Daniel Robert
2017Aspects of higher-spin conformal field theories and their renormalization group flowsDiab, Kenan Sebastian
2018Black Holes and ChaosTuriaci, Gustavo Joaquin
2018Characterizing Information in Physical Systems: from Biology to Black HolesMcGough, Lauren
2017Conformal and Nearly Conformal Theories at Large NTarnoplskiy, Grigory M
2016Dynamics of Atmospheric Boundary Layers: Large Eddy Simulations and Reduced Analytical ModelsMomen, Mostafa
2012Evaporation of 2-Dimensional Black HolesRamazanoglu, Fethi Mubin
2018Extragalactic Searches for Dark Matter AnnihilationMishra-Sharma, Siddharth
2015First Principles Studies on Anatase SurfacesSelcuk, Sencer
2020General relativity and its classical modification in gravitational collapseRipley, Justin Lloyd
2017Generating curvature perturbations in a contracting universeLevy, Aaron Michael
2013Grassmannian Origin of Scattering AmplitudesTrnka, Jaroslav
2019Gravitational Dynamics of Near Extremal Black Holesyang, zhenbin
2012Many-body localizationPal, Arijeet
2012The microstructures of cold dense systems as informed by hard sphere models and optimal packingsHopkins, Adam Bayne
2017Nonlinear and Dynamical Processes in Complex LasersMalik, Omer
2020On-shell methods and positive geometryYelleshpur Srikant, Akshay
2015On-shell scattering and temperature-reflectionsMcGady, David A.
2013Quantum Critical Systems from AdS/CFTRen, Jie
2020Quantum mechanical systems with holographic dualsMilekhin, Alexey