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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Feb-20092007 census of population and housing : labour force, employment and unemployment-
2017Algorithms for Image Restoration and 3D Reconstruction from Cryo-EM ImagesBhamre, Tejal
2013Applications of Latent Variable Models for Modeling Influence and Decision MakingGerrish, Sean Michael
2013Applications of Machine Learning to Location DataKapicioglu, Berk
2019Associations and Confounding in High-Dimensional GenomicsDarnell, Gregory
2019Bayesian Techniques for Finding and Characterizing Variable Stars: Application to the Hungarian-made Automated Telescope SurveysHoffman, John
2017Black Box Variational Inference: Scalable, Generic Bayesian Computation and its ApplicationsRanganath, Rajesh
15-Oct-2008Census 2007 results : population size, growth, structure and distribution-
2013A Census of Distant, Giant ExoplanetsBrandt, Timothy David
2018Combinatorial Inference for Large-Scale Data AnalysisLu, Junwei
2017Decoding 3 Categories of Conventional Wisdom in Pattern Similarity AnalysesChow, Michael Anthony
2018Distributed and Robust Statistical LearningZhu, Ziwei
2019Empirical and Computational Methods for Electoral PoliticsFifield, Benjamin
12-May-2010Enquadramento Demográfico da Protecção Social em Moçambique: Dinâmicas Recentes e Cenários ProspectivosFrancisco, António
2015Essays in Applied International TradeCebreros Zurita, Carlos Alfonso
2015Essays on Financial EconomicsVan Tassel, Peter
2015Essays on Testing Non-Monotone RelationshipsKostyshak, Scott
2019Essays on UncertaintyHo, Paul Cher Wei
2012Estimating False Discovery Proportion under Covariance DependenceGu, Weijie