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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2019The 911 call processing system: A review of the literature as it relates to policingNeusteter, S. Rebecca; Mapolski, Maris; Khogali, Mawia; O'Toole, Megan
Mar-2016Advice from police chiefs and community leaders on building trust: “Ask for help, work together, and show respect”Fischer, Craig; Police Executive Research Forum
2015Constitutional policing as a cornerstone of community policingPolice Executive Research Forum; Miller, Elizabeth
Apr-2018Cost and benefits of body-worn camera deploymentsPolice Executive Research Forum
2015First, do no harm: Model practices for law enforcement agencies when arresting parents in the presence of childrenThurau, Lisa H.
18-Mar-2020Guidance for preventive and responsive measures to coronavirus by police and law enforcementVera Institute of Justice
Mar-2016Guiding principles on use of forcePolice Executive Research Forum
2017An idea whose time has come: Strategies for Youth 2016 annual reportStrategies for Youth
Oct-2018The model police officer: Recruitment, training, and community engagementInternational City/County Management Association; Vera Institute of Justice
2017Operational strategies to build police-community trust and reduce crime in minority communities: The Minneapolis Cedar-Riverside Exploratory Policing StudyPolice Executive Research Forum
2018Parent's checklist for SROs in your children's schools: What parents should ask about school resource officers (SROs) in their child’s schoolStrategies for Youth
Jun-2018The police response to homelessnessWexler, Chuck; Fischer, Craig
2016Recommendations on advancing community policing in the Pasco Police DepartmentPolice Executive Research Forum
Apr-2017To protect and serve: New trends in state-level policing reform, 2015-2016Subramanian, Ram; Skrzypiec, Leah
2017Where’s the state? Creating and implementing state standards for law enforcement interactions with youthStrategies for Youth