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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A dark matter search with DarkSide-50Koh, Guangyong
2022A Ferrofluid Deformable Mirror for Adaptive OpticsLemmer, Aaron
2017A Generic Theory of the Integer Quantum Hall EffectShen, Yu
2017A geometric theory of waves and its applications to plasma physicsRuiz, Daniel Edward
2022A Search for Higgs Decay to Pseudoscalar Higgs-like Particles at CMSHigginbotham, Samuel Lloyd
2016A Search in the Muon Channel for Heavy Resonances Decaying to Long-Lived Neutral ParticlesHunt, Adam Paul
2016A Study of Nuclear Recoil Backgrounds in Dark Matter DetectorsWesterdale, Shawn Scott
2021A Telecom-Compatible Quantum Memory in the Solid-State: Single Erbium Ions Coupled to Silicon Nanophotonic CircuitsRaha, Mouktik
2013Acceleration and focusing of plasma flowsGriswold, Martin Elias
2017Adaptation in Coding by Large Populations of Neurons in the RetinaIoffe, Mark Lev
2015Analytical and Computational Studies of Compositional Lipid Microdomains in Bilayer MembranesHan, Tao
2016Aristotle on Unmoved Mover and its NecessityWang, Wei
2024ARPES and STM Investigation of Novel Topological Materials and SuperconductorsMulter, Daniel
2016Aspects of Holomorphic Sectors In Supersymmetric TheoriesDedushenko, Mykola
2017Aspects of Scale invariance in Physics and BiologyAlba, Vasyl
2015Aspects Of Supergroup Chern-Simons TheoriesMikhaylov, Victor
2014Aspects of the Renormalization Group in Three-Dimensional Quantum Field TheorySafdi, Benjamin Ryan
2023Aspects of Wormholes in Quantum GravityChen, Yiming
2016Assembly, characterization, and operation of large-scale TES detector arrays for ACTPolPappas, Christine Goodwin