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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Between Siblings: Form and Family in the Modern NovelGaubinger, Rachel Cleaveland
2012Children in Glass Houses: Toward a Hygienic, Eugenic Architecture for Children During the Third Republic in France (1870-1940)Greene, Gina Marie
2012Critics and Connoisseurs: Poet-Critics and the Administration of ModernismKindley, Evan
2015Disarming Intelligence: On a Modern French FacultyPaul, Zakir
2012Eschatology and the Reinvention of History: Theological Interventions in German Modernism, 1920-1938McGillen, Michael J.
2020Euripides, Moderniste: Tragic Adaptation and Avant-Garde Classicism in the Twentieth CenturyGabriel, Kay
2018Figures and Things: Charles Demuth, 1908-1935Levenson, Abra
2019Kinds of Wrong: The Liberalization of Modern Poetry 1910-1960Braun, Daniel Rafael
2018Lost Objects and Fugitive Subjects in Contemporary Female Self-Writing, 1997-2016O'Rourke-Suchoff, Jessi
2017Modern Fiction and its PhantomsCalver, Harriet
2011Modernism and the Narrative Cultures of FilmFoltz, Jonathan Higbie
2017Modernist Poetry and the Poetics of Temporality: Between Modernity and ColonialityPadilla, Javier
2018Novel Under the Influence: Modernism and Intoxication in Baudelaire, James, Proust, and RhysBarton, Robert
2017Pieces of Mind: Making and Unmaking a Lexicon of the Psyche in Central and Eastern European Literary Modernity (1880-1930)Reilly, Catherine Irene
2015Scenographies of Perception: Recasting the Sensuous in Hegel, Novalis, Rilke, ProustJany, Christian
2011The Secret Languages of Modernism: On James, Woolf, and FaulknerChun, Maureen
2016Symbolism and Catholicism in French Music at the Time of the Separation of Church and State (1888-1925)Sarno, Megan Elizabeth
2016The Actor's Consciousness in Russian Modernist Philosophy of TheaterBallard, Alisa Crouch
2017The Ecological Uncanny: Estranging Literary Landscapes in Twentieth-Century Narrative FictionEggan, Taylor A.
2018The Pace of Modern Fiction: A History of Narrative Movement in ModernityGingrich, Brian Paul