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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Accurate, Energy-efficient, and Secure Machine Learning Models: Applications to Smart HealthcareAKMANDOR, AYTEN OZGE
2018Analysis of gas-particle flows through multi-scale simulationsGu, Yile
2019Bayesian Techniques for Finding and Characterizing Variable Stars: Application to the Hungarian-made Automated Telescope SurveysHoffman, John
2022Connectivity inference for petascale neural circuit reconstructionTurner, Nicholas L
26-Jul-2022Data from "Liquid-liquid transition in water from first principles"Gartner, Thomas
2021Energy-Efficient Implementation of Machine Learning AlgorithmsLu, Jie (Lucy)
2022Machine Learning-based Efficient and Generalizable Cybersecurity FrameworksSaha, Tanujay
2020Mathematical Theory of Neural Network Models for Machine LearningMa, Chao
2019Noninvasive glucose monitoring: New opportunities opened by mid-infrared quantum cascade laser spectroscopyWerth, Alexandra Margot
2018Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning via Data Compression & Differential PrivacyChanyaswad, Thee
2021Risk Budgeting Portfolios Under a Modern Optimization and Machine Learning LensUysal, Sinem
2023Survival Analysis in Distributed and High-Dimensional Environments and Theory of Cross-ValidationBayle, Pierre
2015Synthetic Diversification, Smart Randomization, and Commodity IndexingGoer, Maximilian Andreas Hubertus
2022Towards Understanding Self-Supervised Representation LearningSaunshi, Nikunj Umesh