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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Advances in Fault Diagnosis Automation for Silicon PrototypesZhu, Charlie Shucheng
2012Alignment and Supervised Learning with Functional Neuroimaging DataLorbert, Alexander
2017Black Box Variational Inference: Scalable, Generic Bayesian Computation and its ApplicationsRanganath, Rajesh
2016Computational Methods for Exploring Human BehaviorChaney, Allison June Barlow
2013Design of Energy-efficient Sensing Systems with Direct Computations on Compressively-sensed DataShoaib, Mohammed
2011Deterministic Compressed SensingJafarpour, Sina
2016Extracting Cognition out of Images for the Purpose of Autonomous DrivingChen, Chenyi
2017Integrating Exponential Dispersion Models to Latent StructuresBasbug, Mehmet Emin
2019Learning to Learn Optimally: A Practical Framework for Machine Learning Applications with Finite Time HorizonLee, Donghun
2019Learning Visual Affordances for Robotic ManipulationZeng, Andy
2020Machine learning for multi-scale molecular modeling: theories, algorithms, and applicationsZhang, Linfeng
2020Methods for Reinforcement Learning in Clinical Decision SupportPrasad, Niranjani
2017Multi-view Representation Learning with Applications to Functional Neuroimaging DataChen, Po-Hsuan
2019Part I: On The Effects of Electron-Deficient Olefins in a Ni Catalyzed Csp3–Csp3 Cross Coupling Part II: Using Machine Learning to Predict Reaction Performance and Infer Mechanism in a Pd Catalyzed C–N CouplingEstrada, Jesus Gregorio
2020Probabilistic Modeling of Structure in Science: Statistical Physics to Recommender SystemsAltosaar, Jaan
2018Second-Order Optimization Methods for Machine LearningAgarwal, Naman
2019Statistical Optimization for High Dimensional Machine Learning with Privacy and Sparsity ConstraintsGe, Jason
2016Technology and Pedagogy: Using Big Data to Enhance Student LearningBrinton, Christopher Greg
2017The Application of Optimization Techniques in Machine LearningPang, Haotian