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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Black Girls Matter: Pushed Out, Overpoliced and UnderprotectedCrenshaw, Kimberlé Williams; Ocen, Priscilla; Nanda, Jyoti
2014Dual diagnosis screening and assessment for youth in the juvenile justice systemCollins, Kari; Kilgore, Michelle
2015Enhancing substance use treatment and juvenile justice partnerships within a system of care: Reclaiming futures within the system of careCollins, Kari
2012Families unlocking futures: Solutions to the crisis in juvenile justiceJustice for Families
25-Apr-2017Gender & Trauma: Somatic Interventions for Girls in Juvenile Justice: Implications for Policy and PracticeEpstein, Rebecca; González, Thalia
15-Jun-2017Girlhood Interrupted: The Erasure of Black Girls’ ChildhoodEpstein, Rebecca; Blake, Jamilia J.; González, Thalia
24-Mar-2020Guidance for preventive and responsive measures to coronavirus for youth agenciesVera Institute of Justice
2007How to Implement a Model to Get Youth Off Drugs and Out of CrimeReclaiming Futures Project Director Fellowship; Begich, Tom
2017An idea whose time has come: Strategies for Youth 2016 annual reportStrategies for Youth
2007Improved care for teens in trouble with drugs, alcohol, and crime: Reclaiming Futures treatment providers advocate for changeReclaiming Futures Treatment Fellowship
2007Juvenile probation officers call for a new response to teen drug and alcohol use and dependencyReclaiming Futures Treatment Fellowship
2007Key Terminology for communities developing alcohol and drug treatment programs in partnership with the juvenile justice system-
Mar-2003Lessons learned: Reclaiming Futures National Advisory Committee shares experiences in systems reformReclaiming Futures National Program Office
2007Moving toward equal ground: Engaging the capacity of youth, families, and communities to improve treatment services and outcomes in the juvenile justice systemReclaiming Futures Community Fellowship
2018Parent's checklist for SROs in your children's schools: What parents should ask about school resource officers (SROs) in their child’s schoolStrategies for Youth
2017Where’s the state? Creating and implementing state standards for law enforcement interactions with youthStrategies for Youth