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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Airs of Modernity 1881-1914Ramirez, Enrique Gualberto
2014The Arts of the Microbial World: Biosynthetic Technologies in Twentieth-Century JapanLee, Victoria
2014A Calculated Course: Creating Transoceanic Navigators, 1580-1800Schotte, Margaret E.
2012Calculated Values: The Politics and Epistemology of Economic Numbers in Britain, 1688-1738Deringer, William Peter
2012Clocks and Time in Edo JapanFrumer, Yulia
2012Conceiving Generation: the Novel & the Nuclear Family around 1800Eldridge, Sarah Vandegrift
2011Crystallizing Innovation: The Emergence of the LCD at RCA, 1951-1976Gross, Benjamin H.
2013CyberSovietica: Planning, Design, and the Cybernetics of Soviet Space, 1954-1986West, Diana Kurkovsky
2014Doctoring the 'Bled': Medical Auxiliaries and the Administration of Rural Life in Colonial Algeria, 1904-1954Clark, Hannah-Louise
2014English Numeracy and the Writing of New Worlds, 1543-1622Wilde, Lisa Jennifer
2012Far From Every Strife: Kepler's Search for Harmony in an Age of DiscordRothman, Aviva
2012Going Soft: Architecture and the Human Sciences in Search of New Institutional Forms (1963-1974)Knoblauch, Joy Ruth
2013Hearts of Gold and Silver: The Production of Alchemical Knowledge in the Early Modern Ottoman WorldArtun, Tuna
2012Imagining a Psychology of the Pill: Women, Experts and Contraception in the 1960sEisert, Carolyn
2014Leonardo da Vinci and the Art of WaterGeddes, Leslie
2013The Lighthouse and the Observatory: Islam, Authority, and Cultures of Astronomy in Late Ottoman EgyptStolz, Daniel
2011Marking Bodies: A History of Genetic Sex in the Twentieth CenturyHa, Nathan
2015A Method Only: The Evolving Meaning of Science in the United States, 1830-1910Cowles, Henry M.
2012Nicolas Hartsoeker's Système of Nature: Physics by Conjecture and Optics by Design in Early Modern EuropeAbou-Nemeh, Samar Catherine