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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A Campus for Mexico: Knowledge and Power in UNAM's University CityMack, Jessica Robin
2017A Nation of Veterans: The American Legion and the Politics of Veterans' CitizenshipBurtin, Olivier
2019A Perilous Port: Nature, Sovereignty and Development at the Edge of British India, 1860-1937Shankar, Devika
2019A Source of Pride, A Vision of Progress: The Homer G. Phillips Hospital of St. Louis, MO (1937-1979)Sanford, Ezelle
2016Acuity of Wit: Wonder, Paradox and Cooperation in Early Modern Spanish and Italian Poetic Theory (1548-1648)Patino Loira, Javier
2018After the Fact: Encounters in Holocaust TestimonyWerbe, Charlotte France
2019Airborne Colony: Culture and Politics of Aviation in India, 1910-1939George, Joppan
Mar-2011Algo nuevo para Cuba: la primacía de la sociedad civil-
2015Art, Astrology, and the Apocalypse: Visualizing the Occult in Post-Reformation GermanyMorris, Jennifer A.
2014The Arts of the Microbial World: Biosynthetic Technologies in Twentieth-Century JapanLee, Victoria
2019At the Limits of Law: Necessity in Islamic Legal History, Second/Eighth Through Tenth/Sixteenth CenturiesLee, Dana Elizabeth
2012"Bandit Suppression" in Manchukuo (1932-1945)Li, Yaqin
2015Being Urban: Space, Community, and everyday life in colonial Calcutta (1800-1930)Ghosh, Nabaparna
2011Between Catechism and Revolution: Poland, France, and the Story of Catholicism and Socialism in Europe, 1878-1958Kosicki, Piotr H.
2018Between Makassars: Site, Story, and the Transoceanic Afterlives of Shaykh Yusuf of MakassarJappie, Saarah
2018Boats in a Storm: Law, Politics, and Jurisdiction in Postwar South AsiaRamnath, Kalyani
2018Bond Beyond Nation: Sinographic Network and Korean Nationhood, 1860–1932Han, Songyeol
2016Borrowing Werther: The Rise and Regulation of Fan Fiction in Eighteenth-Century GermanyBirkhold, Matthew Hoover
2018Building Little Romes: Christianity, Identity, and Governance in Late Antique GaulEisenberg, Merle