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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023A Sense of Radiance: Gender, Conviviality and Poetics in India's Muslim CommunitiesGigerenzer, Thalia
2022Administering Morals in the French Enlightenment: Education, Sexuality, and Authority at the Parisian Collège, 1645–1763Bernard, Benjamin Stuart
2014The Age of Inexperience: Theories of Unlived Love in Early Modern FranceLaBrada, Eloy Francisco Rodriguez
2016'Baisies Ceste Feuille': Queer(ing) Rhetoric in Verse Romances and the Dits, from Chretien de Troyes to Christine de PizanSamuelson, Charles L.
2019Bodies and Books in the Early Modern Hispanic WorldNuñez, Sophia Blea
2022Building Blocs: Raw Materials and the Global Economy in the Age of DisequilibriumKonkel, Rob
2012Concealment and Revelation: A Study of Secrecy and Initiation Among the Nusayri-'Alawis of SyriaTendler, Bella
2023Contract Spirit: Race, Labor, and Social Reproduction after the Coolie TradeLiu, Rebecca
2019Derogatory Gendered Labels: On Twitter and in the LabConnor, Rachel
2014Foreign Affairs, Family Matters: Gender and Acculturation in Paris, 1914-1940Barton, Nimisha
2013Gender, Sexuality, and the Biopolitics of Architecture: From the Secret Museum to PlayboyPreciado, Beatriz
2021I Changed My Sex! Pedagogy and Trans NarrativeGoldberg, Reuven Lorin
2012Imagining a Psychology of the Pill: Women, Experts and Contraception in the 1960sEisert, Carolyn
2018Lifeblood of the Parish: Men and Catholic Practice in Williamsburg, BrooklynMaldonado-Estrada, Alyssa
2018Lost Objects and Fugitive Subjects in Contemporary Female Self-Writing, 1997-2016O'Rourke-Suchoff, Jessi
2011Marking Bodies: A History of Genetic Sex in the Twentieth CenturyHa, Nathan
2022Mediating Me: Digital Sociality and Smartphone Culture in Contemporary JapanHassel, Kimberly
2015Men in the Middle: Masculinity in North African Francophone Literatures and CulturesJacobs, Brian
2023Mutterherz: Motherhood and Dedifferentiation in German RealismBrook, Mary Grayson Sterrett
2021Painting Machines: Martin Kippenberger, Michael Krebber, Oswald Wiener and the Cybernetics of Living MediaSchillinger, Michael Jakob