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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The Age of Inexperience: Theories of Unlived Love in Early Modern FranceLaBrada, Eloy Francisco Rodriguez
2020Argonauts of the Amazon: River Trade and Rights in the Xingu BasinFuruie, Vinicius de Aguiar
Aug-2018Building a Gender Inclusive Response to Conflict Related Sexual ViolenceLiechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination at Princeton University, All Survivors Project
2017Categories We (Aim to) Live ByDembroff, Robin
2013Conceptions of Time and Rhythms of Daily Life in Rabbinic Literature, 200-600 C.E.Kattan Gribetz, Sarit
2016Culture or Constraints? Parenthood and the Persistence of InequalityIshizuka, Patrick Steven
2022Diversity From the Top Down: Relational Demography in the Teacher and School Leader WorkforceDelCorazon, Gina Russell
2014Foreign Affairs, Family Matters: Gender and Acculturation in Paris, 1914-1940Barton, Nimisha
2023Gason Konn Bouke, Men Pa Fanm: Black Women Workers and the United States Occupation of Haiti, 1915-1934Sinclair, Shelby M
2004Gender, Economies and Entitlements in AfricaAnnan-Yao, Elizabeth; Bashaw, Zenebe N.; Ishengoma, Christine G.; Mookodi, Godisang; Ongile, Grace; Pereira, Charmaine; Phalane, Manthiba; Ssewakiryanga, Richard; Tamale, Sylvia; Uroh, Chris Okechukwu
Aug-2018Gender, Law, and SecurityLiechtenstein Institute on Self Determination; English, Beth; Buckinx, Barbara; Aiello, Jack; Aronoff, Maya; Chotrani, Dina; Docampo, Isabel; Kalinowska, Kasia; Ninan, Rebekah; Sakha, Sarah Ariyan; Quinn, Caitlin; Wu, Angela
Dec-2019Gender, Law, and Security (volume II)English, Beth; Buckinx, Barbara; Morrison, Amanda; Rodriguez Gallego, Kiara; Gandikota-Nellutla, Varsha; Gordon, Sarah; Malhotra, Ananya Agustin; Powell, Katherine; Johnson, Jennifer K.; Lee, Grace; Ladue, Mikaylah
2008Gender, Science and Technology: Perspectives from AfricaKitetu, Catherine Wawasi
2019Good Girls: Female Agency and Convention in the Nineteenth-Century British NovelRogers, Hope Hayes
2013Habits that Make, Habits that Break: Gender, Children's Behavior Problems, and Educational Attainment Across Two DecadesOwens, Jayanti
2020Intersectional Solidarity: The Political Consequences of a Consciousness of Race, Gender and SexualityCrowder, Chaya
2011Marking Bodies: A History of Genetic Sex in the Twentieth CenturyHa, Nathan
2014Non-Standard, Contingent, and Precarious Work in the "New Economy"Pedulla, David S.
2021The Demographic State: Population, Global Biopolitics, and Decolonization in South Asia, 1947-71Qayyum, Amna
2023The Modern and Historical Roots of InequalityAlthoff, Lukas