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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018After the Fact: Encounters in Holocaust TestimonyWerbe, Charlotte France
2013Airs of Modernity 1881-1914Ramirez, Enrique Gualberto
2011Between Catechism and Revolution: Poland, France, and the Story of Catholicism and Socialism in Europe, 1878-1958Kosicki, Piotr H.
2012Children in Glass Houses: Toward a Hygienic, Eugenic Architecture for Children During the Third Republic in France (1870-1940)Greene, Gina Marie
2014Clicks or Pulitzers? Web Journalists and Their Work in the United States and FranceChristin, Angele
2018Creating the Atlantic Port Town: Surveyors, Networks, and Geographies, 1670-1763Sacks, Benjamin James
2018Crusading as a Family: A Study of the County of Champagne, 1179 to 1226Pippenger, Randall Todd
2012Eschatological Subjects: Divine and Literary Judgment in Fourteenth-Century French PoetryMoreau, John
2014Foreign Affairs, Family Matters: Gender and Acculturation in Paris, 1914-1940Barton, Nimisha
Jun-2018France: Stonewall Global Workplace Briefings-
Mar-2014Inheritance laws in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries : France, Germany, United StatesGlobal Research Center, The Law Library of Congress
2022Institutionalizing Revolution: The Official Mural Art Campaign of the Third Republic, 1870-1900Markina, Irina
2014Literary Representations of Rivalry Between France and Spain in the French Renaissance (1530-1560)Aguilar, Valerie
2021Local Color: Race, Gender and Spanishness in French and Spanish Painting, 1855-1927Haddon, Madeleine
2019National Places, Cosmopolitan Spaces: Tamil Diaspora in Paris, FranceBerger, Nicole
2016Neighborhoods against the State. Urban Policy and Violent Protest in Western Europe.Moutselos, Michail
2016Sound, Violence, and the Period Ear in Thirteenth-Century FrancePhillips, Jenna Rebecca
2016Symbolism and Catholicism in French Music at the Time of the Separation of Church and State (1888-1925)Sarno, Megan Elizabeth
2018The Ascending Republic: Aeronautical Culture in France, 1860-1914De Oliveira, Patrick Luiz Sullivan