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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Agon & Reconciliation: Ethical Conflict and Religious Practice in Hegel's Account of SpiritFarneth, Molly
2015Aristotle on Ethical EpistemologyMcDavid, Brennan K.
2017Art, Value, and Relationships of PartialityCross, Anthony
2016Avoiding the One Thought Too Many: Essays on Virtuous AgencyJoshi, Hrishikesh Suhas
2019Between Virtue & Temptation: Self-Control, Action, & Practical Thought in Aristotle's EthicsGibson, Christopher-Marcus
2012Collective Action, Climate Change, and the Ethical Significance of FutilityBudolfson, Mark Bryant
2014A Commonwealth of Hope: Virtue, Rhetoric, and Religion in Augustine's Political ThoughtLamb, Kenneth Michael
2016Donors' Democracy: Private Philanthropy and Political MoralityLechterman, Theodore
2018Empathic Concern, Moral Epistemology, and Moral ProgressLerner, Adam Jared
2017Ethical Issues In Genetic TestingKilbride, Madison Korinne
2015Explaining the Wrong of RapeSchouten, Vanessa
2012Fair Trade: The Responsibilities of Consumers, Corporations, and StatesGoff, Sarah Carlson
2012Fitting ConsequentialismChappell, Richard
2015Fruits of Love: Self and Social Criticism in James Baldwin and Howard ThurmanGranby, Clifton
2018How to be an Ethical Non-CognitivistHubble, Eric
2016In Heaven as It Is on Earth: The Social and Ethical Dimensions of Higher and Lower Levels of SalvationKocar, Alexander
2014Inextricable Accomplices: The Meaning of Fighting in an Illegal War and International Law's Dissonant Treatment of the Soldiers Forced to do itDannenbaum, Karl Thomas Jayaram
2018Justice and Prospering: Ancient Debates, Disagreements, and DilemmasAnderson, Merrick E.
2014Justifying Democracy beyond Nietzsche's CritiqueWolfe, Kevin A