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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Anglo-Saxon and Arabic Identity in the Early Middle AgesLennington, David Kent
2020"Being a Lover of the World": Lyric Poetry and Political Disaffection After the English Civil WarReade, Orlando
2017Between Siblings: Form and Family in the Modern NovelGaubinger, Rachel Cleaveland
2017Beyond the Bildungsroman Illusion: Representations of Intellectual Development In the Works of George Eliot and G.W.F. HegelLerro, Eduardo
2023Collecting Facts: Between Poetry and the Literature of Fact, 1934–1941Mandel, Eli Payne
2024Common Sense and the Condition of England: Critical Reflections on Anti-Dialectical ThoughtSanazaro, Marie
2019Credible Impostures: Translation and Prose Fiction in the Long Eighteenth CenturyYousef, Aia Hussein
2015Dead Letters: The Afterlife before ReligionVasiliauskas, Emily Kate
2019Faithful Readings: Religion, Hermeneutics, and the Habits of Criticism 1880-1950Adair, Carl C
2021Fallen Father: John Milton, Antinomianism, and the Case Against AdamMctar, Ali
2019Feminist Types: Reading the Victoria PressMarraccini, Miranda
2015The Fiction of Law in Shakespeare and SpenserEvans, William
2023Forms of Fantasy: World-Building between the World WarsNaydan, Mary
2018From Time to Time: Narratives of Temporality in Early Modern England, 1610-1670Gibbons, Zoe Hope
2019Good Girls: Female Agency and Convention in the Nineteenth-Century British NovelRogers, Hope Hayes
2017Improper Translations: Naming and Vernacular Poetics in Medieval EnglandDalton, Emily Jean
2018Increase of Issue: Poetry and Succession in Elizabethan EnglandCase, Sarah
2021Inkblot Mirrors: On the Metareferential Mode and 19th Century British LiteratureCrandell, Caitlin Elise
2019Kinds of Wrong: The Liberalization of Modern Poetry 1910-1960Braun, Daniel Rafael
2017Maxims and the Mind: Sententiousness from Seventeenth-Century Science to the Eighteenth-Century NovelSwartz, Kelly Michelle