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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Biointerfaced NanopiezoelectricsNguyen, Thanh D.
2017Chemical Kinetics and Propagation Dynamics of Laminar and Turbulent FlamesYang, Sheng
2011Crystalline-Silicon/Organic Heterojunctions for Solar PhotovoltaicsAvasthi, Sushobhan
2015Delay/power modeling and optimization techniques for low-power FinFET logic circuits and architecturesTang, Aoxiang
2020Design with comfort: A systems and materials approach to expanded psychrometricsTeitelbaum, Eric
2015Development of a Noninvasive in vivo Glucose Sensor Based on Mid-Infrared Quantum Cascade Laser SpectroscopyLiakat, Sabbir
2014Dynamics and Chemistry of Laminar and Turbulent Expanding FlamesWu, Fujia
2019Internally and Geometrically Structured Functional Polymer Colloids via Flash NanoPrecipitationLee, Victoria Elizabeth
2015Large-area nanofabrication and applications in advanced nanoelectronic and nanophotonic devicesDing, Wei
2017Local Approximation and Hierarchical Methods for Stochastic OptimizationCheng, Bolong
2020Localization Phenomenon Due to Mechanically Induced Transport Non-uniformities in Lithium-ion BatteriesLiu, Xinyi
2012Making Life is Easy: Novelty and Uncertainty in Synthetic BiologyDAN-COHEN, Talia
2014Mesoscale Modeling of Heterogeneous Materials Systems: From Solid Oxide Fuel Cells to Bulk Metallic GlassesAbdeljawad, Fadi F.
2012Micro- and Nano- Porous Adsorptive Materials for Removal of Contaminants from Water at Point-of-UseYakub, Ismaiel
2015Microfluidic applications in C. elegans learning and memory, reproductive aging and protein trafficking dynamicsLi, Siran
2017Multi-view Representation Learning with Applications to Functional Neuroimaging DataChen, Po-Hsuan
2020Nanofabrication and its Applications in Fluorescence Imaging and Quantum Cascade LasersPandey, Sunil
2013Observation-Driven Understanding and Prediction of Urban Flood HazardWright, Daniel
2018Reinventing International Nuclear Safeguards in the Centrifuge Enrichment EraWalker, Mark Edwin
2012The Role of the Dynamics of Relative Motion in Information Passing in Natural and Engineered Collective MotionSwain, Daniel Thomas