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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Belief Extraction in Mechanism DesignBrooks, Benjamin Aaron
2021Economics and Computation in Decentralized SystemsXavier Ferreira, Matheus Venturyne
2016Effects of Bounded Rationality in Financial MarketsKim, Jeong-Ho (John)
2017Essays in Applied Microeconomic TheoryChauvin, Kyle Patrick
2021Essays in Decision Theory: Induced and Revealed PreferenceTang, Rui
2021Essays in Dynamic Cooperation: Bargaining and Contribution GamesParihar, Parth
2014Essays in Dynamic Mechanism DesignLamba, Rohit
2017Essays in Industry Dynamics and Innovation: A Computational ApproachKatzwer, Richard Moshe
2020Essays in Information EconomicsShishkin, Denis
2022Essays in Microeconomic Theory: Framing and Complexity of ChoiceSafonov, Evgenii
2013Essays in Political Economy and Mechanism DesignIaralov, Vadim
2015Essays in Political Economy and Strategic ExperimentationBuisseret, Peter
2015Essays in Robustness and Mechanism DesignAntic, Nemanja
2012Essays in the Positive Theory of Policy ChoiceAcharya, Avidit Raj
2016Essays on Asymmetric Information in Macroeconomics and FinanceRavit, Jason Gregory
2015Essays on Attention in EconomicsRavid, Doron
2017Essays on Behavioral Game TheoryButler, Nicholas O.
2014Essays on Beliefs and BehaviorLu, Jay
2017Essays on Bounded Rationality and Information ProcessingJakobsen, Alexander Magnus