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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Accounting for Decolonization: The Origins of the Sudanese Economy, 1946-1964Young, Alden Harrington
2012Calculated Values: The Politics and Epistemology of Economic Numbers in Britain, 1688-1738Deringer, William Peter
Jun-2011Causas del (de) crecimiento económico de largo plazo de NicaraguaDeFranco, Mario A.
2016Essays on the Political Economy of Openness to Foreign Direct Investment Among Developing CountriesMcMann, Jason Ian
2012From Indemnity to Integration: Economic Decline in Late Hellenistic AitoliaLjung, Emma Kerstin Minerva
2012Governing the Free Sea: The Dutch West India Company and Commercial Politics, 1618-1645Bick, Alexander Brown
2016Liberalism in Numbers Only: Science, Politics, and State Power in Postwar Global Fisheries ManagementFerguson-Cradler, Gregory
2018Making Credit Convenient: Credit Cards and the Political Economy of Modern AmericaVanatta, Sean Harris
2018Money and the American Revolution: Changing Concepts of Money and Wealth, 1765-1786Edwards, Andrew David
2014A Noah's Ark: Material Life and the Foundations of Soviet Governance, 1916-1922O'Donnell, Anne
2017Planned Democracy: Citizenship, Development, and the Practices of Planning in Independent India, c. 1947-1966Shivram, Nikhil Menon
2012The Political Economy of Ottoman Modernity: Ottoman Economic Thought During the Reign of Abdülhamid II (1876-1909)Kilincoglu, Deniz Taner
2011Poverty Dynamics of Female-headed Households in Pakistan: Evidence from PIHS 2000-01 and PSLM 2004-05Khalid, Umer; Akhtar, Sajjad
2016South Atlantic Corporatism: Development, Law, and Citizenship in Brazil and Portugal, 1919-1945Teixeira, Melissa
2016The Commercial Machine: Reforming Imperial Commerce in the Spanish Atlantic, c. 1740-1808Tavarez, Fidel Jose
2018The Unequal Political and Economic Legacy of Colonial Education in AfricaRicart-Huguet, Joan