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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Assessing Competing Claims to Speak over Mass Media: The Priority of Audiences' Epistemic ClaimsMiller, Erin Lynn
2014Buying Representation: The Incentives, Ideology, and Influence of Campaign Contributors in American PoliticsBarber, Michael J.
Jul-2003Case study: El Salvador Post-conflict Program in Democracy and GovernancePereira, Stephen
2016Collective Self-DeterminationZuehl, Jake
2016Communal Religion, Sectarian Interests, and DemocracyHoffman, Michael Hoffman
Sep-2013Democracy and human rights : the role of the UNTommasoli, Massimo
2004Documenting the Portuguese revolution, 1962-1994Scholarly Resources; Firestone Library, Princeton University
2019Fifth-Century Athenian Imperialism and the Beginnings of Democracy in Western Asia MinorEjsmond-Frey, Alicia Madeleine
2005From National Liberation to Democratic Renaissance in Southern AfricaHendricks, Cheryl; Lushaba, Lwazi
May-2012Honduras: crisis política y solución democrática-
2012The Liberty Debate: Richard Price and His Critics on Civil Liberty, Free Government, and Democratic ParticipationElazar, Yiftah
2016Migrant Modalities: Radical Democracy and Intersectional Praxis in American Literatures, 1923-1976Robles, Francisco Eduardo
Dec-2001Min zhu Zhongguo 民主中国 No. 100-
Jan-2002Min zhu Zhongguo 民主中国 No. 101-
Feb-2002Min zhu Zhongguo 民主中国 No. 102-
Mar-2002Min zhu Zhongguo 民主中国 No. 103-
Apr-2002Min zhu Zhongguo 民主中国 No. 104-
May-2002Min zhu Zhongguo 民主中国 No. 105-
Jun-2002Min zhu Zhongguo 民主中国 No. 106-
Jul-2002Min zhu Zhongguo 民主中国 No. 107-