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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Abenaki Sociality and the Work of Family HistoryRoy, Christopher Alan
2015The Afterlives of Language: Chiwere Preservation as a Revitalization MovementSchwartz, Saul
2015American Healers: Psychology and the SacredLaufenberg, George
2017BECOMING KURDISH: Migration, Urban Labor, and Political Violence in TurkeyGunay, Onur
2014Bones, Breath, Body: The Life of an Indigenously Owned New Zealand CorporationGordon, Gwendolyn
2013Bread and Home: Global Cultural Politics in the Tangible Places of Intangible Heritage (Bulgaria,Cuba,Brazil)Savova, Nadezhda Dimitrova
2017Canada's Science: An Ethnography of Ethics and Expertise in Stem Cell BiologyHine, Janet
2020Carcerality In Transition: The Productive Relations of Reentry Governance in New OrleansSubramani, Shreya
2014The City that Hides Itself: Movement and Meaning in Urban FormPurcell, Bridget
2017Dreaming for Others in Culture and the NovelSpellberg, Matthew Moscicki
2020Ejok! Experience, Language, and Aesthetico-Moral Expression in KaramojaAmoah , Quincy J
2014For Want of Water: The Cultural Politics of Water Management in the American WestPolk, Daniel
2019Grafted Futures: Climate Adaptation in a Post-Soviet WorldRubinov, Igor
2015Gypsy Myths and Romani Cosmologies in the New World: The Roma and Calon in BrazilBUDUR, DIANA
2020"History is Who We Are": Truth, Community, and Crafting the Past in York, United Kingdom and Northern California and NevadaPatten, Emma Catherine
2016Istanbul Incorporated: Minorities and the Market in the Grand Bazaar and Istiklal StreetWilliams, Samuel Joseph
2019Making Home in War: An Ethnography on Reparations and Horizons in the Eve of Peace in ColombiaRamirez, Sebastian
2012Making Life is Easy: Novelty and Uncertainty in Synthetic BiologyDAN-COHEN, Talia
2014Master Class: The Technical and Ethical Re-education of Moroccan ArtisansNicholas, Claire B.