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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023A Study on Interacting Condensates in Superconducting Topological MaterialsKim, Stephan
2018Abandoning the Absolute: Topological phenomena in molecular and condensed systemsMuechler, Lukas F
2017Advances in Natural Quasicrystals and Quasicrystal TilingsLin, Chaney
2012Charge and Spin Manipulation in InAs NanowiresSchroer, Michael
2015Computational Studies of Model Disordered and Strongly Correlated Electronic SystemsJohri, Sonika
2014Computational Studies of Model Glass-Forming SystemsShi, Zane
2014Constitutive model development for flows of granular materialsChialvo, Sebastian
2012Continuum studies of microstructure formation in metallic and organic thin filmsMuralidharan, Srevatsan
2021Cryogen-Free Scanning Probe Microscopy in Silicon Device Physics at milli-Kelvin temperaturesoh, seong woo
2018Decoherence of 31P Donor Spins in SiliconPetersen, Evan Scot
2017Density Matrix Embedding Theory and Strongly Correlated Lattice SystemsZheng, Boxiao
2015The design and crystal growth of oxides and fluorides for the study of geometrically frustrated magnetismKrizan, Jason
2014Discoveries of New Topological States of Matter Beyond Topological InsulatorsXu, Suyang
2019Discovery of Magnetic Topological CrystalsBelopolski, Ilya
2017Discovery of Novel Dirac and Weyl Fermion MaterialsAlidoust, Nasser
2020Disorder and interaction in low-dimensional electronic systemsKrishna, Akshay
2016Dynamics of Charge and Spin Qubits Under Strong DrivingStehlik, Jiri
2017Electrical Manipulation of Donor Spin Qubits in Silicon and GermaniumSigillito, Anthony James
2023Electronic Correlations, Topology, and Unconventional Superconductivity in Twisted Bilayer GrapheneNuckolls, Kevin
2022Exotic Thermal Transport in a Kitaev MagnetCzajka, Peter Andrew