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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Analysis of gas-particle flows through multi-scale simulationsGu, Yile
2022Biophysical Modeling of the Growth and Motion of Bacterial PopulationsAmchin, Daniel Benjamin
2018Computational Simulation and Modeling of Heat Release Effects on Turbulence in Turbulent Reacting FlowMacArt, Jonathan Francis
2021Data-driven multiscale modeling of gas-particle flowsJiang, Yundi
2019Dynamics and Operations of Photonic NeuronsNahmias, Mitchell Aaron
2017Exotic Ordered and Disordered Many-Particle Systems with Novel PropertiesZhang, Ge
2022Gauge Structure in Algorithms for Plasma PhysicsGlasser, Alexander S.
2020General relativity and its classical modification in gravitational collapseRipley, Justin Lloyd
2019High-order finite volume methods for magnetohydrodynamics with applications in computational astrophysicsFelker, Kyle Gerard
2020Manifold-Based Modeling of Turbulent Reacting Flows: Cool Flames and Multi-Modal CombustionNovoselov, Alex Gregory
2020Modeling and parameterizing submesoscale turbulence in dense Arctic flowsYankovsky, Elizabeth A
2022Modeling and Physics Design of a Lithium Vapor Box DivertorEmdee, Eric
2017Modeling microstructural evolution during crystallization: from organic thin films to electrodeposited metalsFang, Alta Ying
2021Modeling Multiphase Flow Through and Around Multiscale Deformable Porous MaterialsCarrillo, Francisco Jose
2018Multi-phase field models and microstructural evolution with applications in fuel cell technologyDavis, Ryan Scott
2022Multi-scale modeling of near-limit combustion waves with detailed kinetics and transportZhang, Tianhan
2021Particle Methods for Modeling Magnetospheric Diagnostics and Low-Temperature Plasma PhysicsPowis, Andrew Tasman
2022Particle, Charge, and Energy Rearrangement in Rotating Magnetized PlasmaKolmes, Elijah John
2022Physics-Based Uncertainty Quantification for Turbulent FlowsKlemmer, Kerry Serena
2020Probabilistic Modeling of Structure in Science: Statistical Physics to Recommender SystemsAltosaar, Jaan