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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016An Improbable Symphony: Genealogy, Paternity, and Identity in Heliodorus' "Aethiopica"Capettini, Emilio Carlo Maria
2012Architectural Agency and the Construction of Athenian DemocracyPaga, Jessica
2016Aristophanes, Posthumanism, and the Roots of Science FictionCooper, Samuel Durham
2016Aristotle on Remembering and RecollectingParsons, Rachel Gillian
2016Aristotle on Unmoved Mover and its NecessityWang, Wei
2011Aristotle's Eudemian Account of FriendshipGartner, Corinne Andrea
2019Between Virtue & Temptation: Self-Control, Action, & Practical Thought in Aristotle's EthicsGibson, Christopher-Marcus
2016Brain and Soul in Late AntiquityWright, Jessica Louise
2011The Chorus in Dialogue: Reading Lyric Exchanges in Greek TragedyAndujar, Rosa Margarita
2020Christianizing Knowledge: A New Order of Books in the Theodosian AgeLetteney, Mark
2015Copia verborum: Cicero's Philosophical TranslationsWhite, Georgina Frances
2012Cultural Exchange in Roman Society: Freed Slaves and Social ValuesMacLean, Rose B.
2020Cutthroats and Profiteers: The Beneficiaries of Sulla in Roman ItalyTobin, Carolyn Hartle
2014Defining the Human Good: Aristotle's Ergon ArgumentBaker, Samuel Hunter
2013Drastic Measures: Meter and the Birth of Book Lyric in Greece and RomePedicone, Jason Christopher
2014The Early Cynic Tradition: Shaping Diogenes' CharacterSirois, Martin
2018Exemplarity in Tacitus: Literary, Cultural, and Political ContextsWood, Clement
2011Female Religious Officials in Republican RomeDiLuzio, Meghan Jean
2019Fifth-Century Athenian Imperialism and the Beginnings of Democracy in Western Asia MinorEjsmond-Frey, Alicia Madeleine
2015Fire on the Mountain: A Comprehensive Study of Greek Mountaintop SanctuariesBelis, Alexis Marie