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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016An Improbable Symphony: Genealogy, Paternity, and Identity in Heliodorus' "Aethiopica"Capettini, Emilio Carlo Maria
2018Antiquity in Dark Times: Classical Reception in the Thought of Theodor Adorno and Erich AuerbachUmachandran, Mathura Yalini
2013The Autobiographical Community: Local Historiography in Classical and Hellenistic GreeceTober, Daniel J.
2011The Chorus in Dialogue: Reading Lyric Exchanges in Greek TragedyAndujar, Rosa Margarita
2015Copia verborum: Cicero's Philosophical TranslationsWhite, Georgina Frances
2020Euripides, Moderniste: Tragic Adaptation and Avant-Garde Classicism in the Twentieth CenturyGabriel, Kay
2018Exemplarity in Tacitus: Literary, Cultural, and Political ContextsWood, Clement
2019Fragmented histories: Recent and distant pasts in early Roman historiographyBlair, Stephen Charles
2012The Helix of Dionysus. Musical Imagery in Later Euripidean DramaTsolakidou, Aikaterini
2013The Hellenistic Past in Plutarch's LivesMonaco Caterine, Mallory Anita
2012Horace and the Greek Language: Aspects of Literary BilingualismGitner, Adam
2014Landscapes of conquest: space, place, and environment in Livy's Ab Urbe ConditaClark, Virginia Emily
2015Leading (and Reading) By Example: Exemplarity in Ovid's "Metamorphoses"Meinrath, Danielle
2017Loss and the Boundaries of the Self in Statius’ SilvaeKlause, Amanda
2013Love, Compassion and Other Vices: A History of the Stoic Theory of the EmotionsKaufman, David Holmes
2019Lucretian Lyric: Allusion and Appropriation in Horace's OdesCurran, Emma Laraine
2019Lucretius Against Human ExceptionalismHutchins, Richard
2015Methodius of Olympus' Symposium, Imperial Greek Literature and the Aesthetics of HopeLaValle, Dawn Teresa
2016Ovid's Metamorphoses and the Scientific RevolutionGalson, Samuel J.
2016Persa: Introduction and CommentaryConlon, Joseph Matthew