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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Ammonia Emissions, Deposition, and Variability through In Situ, Ground-Based, and Remote Sensing ObservationsGuo, Xuehui
2013Application of empirical and dynamical closure methods to simple climate modelsPadilla, Lauren
2017Aspects of Eddy Momentum Fluxes in the General Circulation of the TroposphereLutsko, Nicholas
2021Changes in the satellite-observed radiation budget: Manifestations of radiative forcing, feedbacks, and internal variabilityRAGHURAMAN, SHIV PRIYAM
2016Climate Implications of the Heterogeneity of Anthropogenic Aerosol ForcingPersad, Geeta
2023Constraining Ammonia Emissions Through In-situ and Satellite ObservationsWang, Rui
2015Constraining atmospheric ammonia emissions through new observations with an open-path, laser-based sensorSun, Kang
2013Contrasting features of scattering and absorbing aerosol direct radiative forcings and climate responsesOcko, Ilissa Bonnie
2019Controls on tropical mean state and intraseasonal precipitation variability in an idealized moist atmospheric modelClark, Spencer Koncius
2014Density effects on turbulent boundary layer structure: from the atmosphere to hypersonic flowWilliams, Owen
2011Dynamical Mechanisms for the Teleconnection between ENSO and NAO in Late WinterLi, Ying
2016Dynamics of Atmospheric Boundary Layers: Large Eddy Simulations and Reduced Analytical ModelsMomen, Mostafa
2019Eddy equilibration in idealized models of the extratropical troposphereChang, Chiung-Yin
2015El NiƱo-Southern Oscillation: Asymmetry, nonlinear atmospheric response and the role of mean climateChoi, Kit Yan
2016Energetic and hydrological responses of Hadley circulations and the African Sahel to sea surface temperature perturbationsHill, Spencer Alan
2013Ice supersaturation and cirrus cloud formation from global in-situ observationsDiao, Minghui
2021Improving Observations of Greenhouse Gases, Reactive Nitrogen, and Particulate Matter for Effective PolicymakingPan, Da
2015The Influence of African Easterly Waves on Atlantic Tropical Cyclone ActivityStaehling, Erica Marie
2015Influence of Long and Short Planetary Waves on the Separation of the Eddy-Driven and Subtropical JetsO'Rourke, Amanda Kathleen
2021Investigating the physical controls of monsoon seasonality in a hierarchy of climate modelsSmyth, Jane Elizabeth