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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022A Ferrofluid Deformable Mirror for Adaptive OpticsLemmer, Aaron
2016Active Galactic Nuclei Feedback and Galactic OutflowsSun, Ai-Lei
2019An Analysis of Variable Objects in the Globular Cluster M4 Using Observations from the NASA K2 MissionWallace, Joshua
2017Backlighting the universe: Understanding the large-scale structure through cosmic microwave background observationsSchaan, Emmanuel S├ębastien
2018Comoving stars in the Gaia eraOh, Semyeong
2022Compressed Likelihoods and Early Universe Constraints for Cosmic Microwave Background ExperimentsPrince, Heather
2015Cosmological observations as a probe of fundamental physics and astrophysicsFerraro, Simone
2014Electromagnetic and Radiative Properties of Neutron Star MagnetospheresLi, Jason G.
2020Electron Acceleration in Non-relativistic Quasi-perpendicular Collisionless ShocksXu, Rui
2022Formation and evolution of protostellar accretion disks: Towards a quantitative and predictive modelXu, Wenrui
2011Galaxy masses in large surveys: connecting luminous and dark matter with weak lensing and kinematicsReyes, Reinabelle
2019High-Dimensional Optimization Problems in Decision-Making and Discrete GeometryNaghib, Elahesadat
2020Instabilities and Dissipation in Collisionless Magnetized TurbulenceArzamasskiy, Lev
2021Learning Novel Physics from Astronomical and Cosmological ObservationsKreisch, Christina Danielle
2013The Lighthouse and the Observatory: Islam, Authority, and Cultures of Astronomy in Late Ottoman EgyptStolz, Daniel
2012Modeling Dust in the Interstellar MediumAniano Porcile, Gonzalo Jorge
2021Models of Planetary Envelopes for an Increasingly Hydrodynamic Theory of Planet FormationBailey, Avery Paul
2014Occulter-Based High-Contrast Exoplanet Imaging: Design, Scaling, and Performance VerificationSirbu, Dan
2020Open Cluster Variables: Evasive, Invaluable ProbesSoares, Melinda M
2012Optimal Electric Field Estimation and Control for CoronagraphyGroff, Tyler Dean