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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The Arts of the Microbial World: Biosynthetic Technologies in Twentieth-Century JapanLee, Victoria
2012"Bandit Suppression" in Manchukuo (1932-1945)Li, Yaqin
2020Base Towns: Everyday Life In and Around the Garrisons of Postwar Japan, 1945-1954Mills, Connor Martin
2015The Bombay Radicals and the Left in Colonial IndiaPandit, Ninad
2018Bond Beyond Nation: Sinographic Network and Korean Nationhood, 1860–1932Han, Songyeol
2014Chinese Military Men and Cultural Practice in the Early Nineteenth Century Qing Empire (1800-1840)Bonk, James Bruce
2014The City as a Space of Suspicion: Partition, Belonging and Citizenship in Delhi, 1940-1955Geva Halperin, Rotem
2012Clocks and Time in Edo JapanFrumer, Yulia
2014Coming from Afar: The Overseas Chinese and the Institutionalization of Western Medicine and Science in China, 1910-1970Soon, Wayne Shi Lun
2015Family Matters: Managing Illness in Late Tokugawa Japan, 1750-1868Young, William Evan
2012Forging Fukuoka: Locality and Development in Modern JapanEason, Paul
2013An Intimate View of the Inner Quarters: A Study of Court Women and Architecture in "Palace Banquet"Kwok, Zoe Song-Yi
2014Japan's Preoccupation with Religious FreedomThomas, Jolyon Baraka
2017Magistrates and the Law: Judicial Authority and Capital Cases in the Yongzheng Era, 1722-1735Siemon, Katherine Alexis
2015Manchu and the Study of Language in China (1607-1911)Söderblom Saarela, Mårten
2014Mediated Empire: Colonial Taiwan in Japan's Imperial Expansion in South China and Southeast Asia, 1895-1945Shirane, Seiji
2016Medicine on the Battlefield: the History of Army Medics in Modern JapanHarari, Reut
2014The Mirror of China: Language Selection, Images of China, and Narrating Japan in the Kamakura Period (1185-1333)Brightwell, Erin Leigh
2015Mirrors from 500-200 BC Middle Yangzi Region: Design and ManufactureLI, Kin Sum