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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024A Game Theoretic Lens for Robustness in ControlGhai, Udaya Bakhru
2020Accurate, Energy-efficient, and Secure Machine Learning Models: Applications to Smart HealthcareAKMANDOR, AYTEN OZGE
2022Advances in Data-Driven Modeling and Sensing for High-Dimensional Nonlinear SystemsOtto, Samuel Epstein
2023AI framework for improved system design and explainable decisionsTerway, Prerit
2013Applications of Machine Learning to Location DataKapicioglu, Berk
2023Bayesian Filtering for Neural NetworksBencomo, Gianluca Michele
2019Bayesian latent structure discovery for large-scale neural recordingswu, anqi
2018Combinatorial Inference for Large-Scale Data AnalysisLu, Junwei
2022Decision-Making with Non-Markovian Rewards: Multi-Agent Learning and Applications to Medical DiagnosticsYu, Zheng
2023Deep Learning for Automated Theorem ProvingWang, Mingzhe
2016Extracting Cognition out of Images for the Purpose of Autonomous DrivingChen, Chenyi
2023From mind to machine: neural circuits, learning algorithms, and beyondYang, Runzhe
2022Generalization of Deep Neural Networks in Supervised Learning, Generative Modeling, and Adaptive Data AnalysisZhang, Yi
2022Generating invariant representations with cortex-inspired models of unsupervised learningLuther, Kyle
2022Geometric and Dynamic Neural Codes of Sensory, Memory and PredictionLibby, Alexandra
2023Gradient-Based Shape Optimization for Engineering Using Machine LearningSun, Xingyuan
2012Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling: Efficient Inference and ApplicationsWang, Chong
2017Integrating Exponential Dispersion Models to Latent StructuresBasbug, Mehmet Emin
2023Interpretable Machine Learning for the Physical SciencesCranmer, Miles Donald
2023Investigating Persuasiveness in Large Language ModelsEkpo, Promise Osaine