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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Absent-Minded and Robotic Inspectors: Nuclear Verification Techniques with Minimal Access to Items, Sites, and InformationLepowsky, Eric Scott
2021Advancements In Laser Rayleigh Scattering Diagnostics For Selected Gas PropertiesFeng, David
2021Coherent Microwave Scattering from Laser-Generated Plasma in External Magnetic Field and Weakly Ionized Plasma EnvironmentsGalea, Christopher
2020Disorder and interaction in low-dimensional electronic systemsKrishna, Akshay
2019Efficient wavefront sensing and control for space-based high-contrast imagingSun, He
2024Exploring Fundamentals of Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics Using FluxoniumBryon, Jacob Elvin
2016Femtosecond Laser Electronic Excitation Tagging for Aerodynamic and Thermodynamic MeasurementsCalvert, Nathan David
2020Free surface liquid metal flow for fusion reactorsFisher, Adam Eli
2023Hamiltonian and materials engineering for superconducting qubit lifetime enhancementPremkumar, Anjali
2022Increasing Lifetimes of Superconducting QubitsPlace, Alexander Patrick McCormick
2019Lattices in Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics: A Platform for Nonequilibrium Quantum SimulationFitzpatrick, Mattias Van Wesep
2024Leveraging Relationships Between Confined Flows and Deformable MediaUshay, Christopher Michael
2024Modeling Tropical Cyclone and Weather Risk in a Changing Climate: Machine Learning, Hazards, and Socio-Economic InequalitiesLockwood, Joseph W.
2021Multipoles, symmetry representations and thermal fluctuations in elastic systemsSarkar, Siddhartha
2021Non-equilibrium quantum dynamics of nonlinear multimode circuit QED systemsKhan, Saeed Ahmed
2018Nonlinear Radiation at the NanoscaleKhandekar, Chinmay
2019ONIX: An Open-Source Burnup Code for Nuclear Archaeologyde Troullioud de Lanversin, Julien
2023Quantum Cascade Ring Laser SystemsKacmoli, Sara
2019Quantum Mechanics Without Wave Functions: Advancing Orbital-Free Methods for Materials ResearchWitt, William Charles