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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Alternative Strategies in an Avian Scavenger Guild and Their Conservation ImplicationsKendall, Corinne Julie
2014Cellular and genetic regulation of short and intermediate-term memory and the Gq alpha regulated transition to long-term memory in C. elegansStein, Geneva Marie
2018Cognitive Dynamics During Perceptual Decision Making in the RatPiet, Alex
2014Collective NavigationBerdahl, Andrew Macdonald
2015Collective wisdom in animal groupsKao, Albert Brian
2016Dynamics of self-assembled structures in Eciton army antsLutz, Matthew
2014The Effects of Early Social Context and Social Types on Dispersal and Reproductive Strategies in Male Geladas (Theropithecus gelada)Barale, Caitlin Laurel
2011The emergence of an alternative phenotype following species loss: ecological, behavioral, and physiological evidence from spotted antbirdsTouchton, Janeene Marie
2016From fish schools to primate societies: The dynamics of collective movement in animal groupsStrandburg-Peshkin, Ariana
2015From Genes to Behavior: A Cross-Species Analysis of Courtship Song Production and Evolution in DrosophilaLaRue, Kelly Marie
2020Individual variation in ungulate movement behavior: an examination of the ecological causes and consequencesAtkins, Justine
2012Modeling motives for movement: Theory for why animals migrateShaw, Allison K.
2014Social interactions predict patterns of communication and learningKulahci, Ipek Gokce
2019Structure and survival in animal groupsGrobis, Matthew
2012Temporal Landscape Partitioning among Baboon (Papio cynocephalus) Social GroupsMarkham, Ann Catherine
2014The Trials of Motherhood: Maternal Behavior Patterns and Antipredator Tactics in Thomson's Gazelle, a Hiding UngulateRoberts, Blair Allison