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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A Globally Nonsingular Quaternion-Based Formulation for All-Electric Satellite Trajectory OptimizationLibraro, Paola
2018A Physical Zero-Knowledge Proof and Unclonable Sensors for Nuclear Warhead VerificationPhilippe, S├ębastien
2021Advancements In Laser Rayleigh Scattering Diagnostics For Selected Gas PropertiesFeng, David
2014Advances in the Design of High-Performance Flow ControlChen, Kevin Kuan-Wei
2015Characterization of Nanosecond, Femtosecond and Dual Pulse Laser Energy Deposition in Air for Flow Control and Diagnostic ApplicationsLimbach, Christopher
2019Chemistry and Dynamics of Counterflow Cool FlamesReuter, Christopher Bryan
2015Coherent structures in turbulent pipe flowHellstroem, Leo Hugo Oskar
2019Computationally Efficient Large Eddy Simulation of Multi-Stream Partially Premixed Turbulent CombustionPerry, Bruce Alan
2019Considerations for Femtosecond Laser Electronic Excitation Tagging in High-Speed FlowsPeters, Christopher John
2014Control of the Transitional Boundary LayerBelson, Brandt
2020Data-driven Modeling for Fluid Dynamics and ControlZhang, Hao
2014Density effects on turbulent boundary layer structure: from the atmosphere to hypersonic flowWilliams, Owen
2020Development of a Nanoscale Hot-Wire Probe for Supersonic Flow ApplicationsKokmanian, Katherine-Aroussiag
2014Direct and Indirect Determinations of Elementary Rate Constants: H+O2 Chain Branching; the Dehydration of tertiary-Butanol; the Retro Diels-Alder Reaction of Cyclohexene; the Dehydration of IsopropanolHeyne, Joshua Steven
2012Direct Numerical Simulation of Two Shock Wave/Turbulent Boundary Layer InteractionsPriebe, Stephan
2013Dynamic Mode Decomposition: Theory and ApplicationsTu, Jonathan Huy
2012Effect of Inductive Coil Geometry on the Operating Characteristics of a Pulsed Inductive Plasma AcceleratorHallock, Ashley Kristin
2019Efficient wavefront sensing and control for space-based high-contrast imagingSun, He
2015Experimental and Modeling Studies of Small Molecule Chemistry in Expanding Spherical FlamesSantner, Jeffrey
2016Femtosecond Laser Electronic Excitation Tagging for Aerodynamic and Thermodynamic MeasurementsCalvert, Nathan David