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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A Globally Nonsingular Quaternion-Based Formulation for All-Electric Satellite Trajectory OptimizationLibraro, Paola
2018A Physical Zero-Knowledge Proof and Unclonable Sensors for Nuclear Warhead VerificationPhilippe, S├ębastien
2021Advancements In Laser Rayleigh Scattering Diagnostics For Selected Gas PropertiesFeng, David
2014Advances in the Design of High-Performance Flow ControlChen, Kevin Kuan-Wei
2015Characterization of Nanosecond, Femtosecond and Dual Pulse Laser Energy Deposition in Air for Flow Control and Diagnostic ApplicationsLimbach, Christopher
2022Chemical kinetics and instability in non-equilibrium reactive plasmasZhong, Hongtao
2019Chemistry and Dynamics of Counterflow Cool FlamesReuter, Christopher Bryan
2021Coherent Microwave Scattering from Laser-Generated Plasma in External Magnetic Field and Weakly Ionized Plasma EnvironmentsGalea, Christopher
2015Coherent structures in turbulent pipe flowHellstroem, Leo Hugo Oskar
2019Computationally Efficient Large Eddy Simulation of Multi-Stream Partially Premixed Turbulent CombustionPerry, Bruce Alan
2019Considerations for Femtosecond Laser Electronic Excitation Tagging in High-Speed FlowsPeters, Christopher John
2014Control of the Transitional Boundary LayerBelson, Brandt
2020Data-driven Modeling for Fluid Dynamics and ControlZhang, Hao
2014Density effects on turbulent boundary layer structure: from the atmosphere to hypersonic flowWilliams, Owen
2020Development of a Nanoscale Hot-Wire Probe for Supersonic Flow ApplicationsKokmanian, Katherine-Aroussiag
2014Direct and Indirect Determinations of Elementary Rate Constants: H+O2 Chain Branching; the Dehydration of tertiary-Butanol; the Retro Diels-Alder Reaction of Cyclohexene; the Dehydration of IsopropanolHeyne, Joshua Steven
2012Direct Numerical Simulation of Two Shock Wave/Turbulent Boundary Layer InteractionsPriebe, Stephan
2013Dynamic Mode Decomposition: Theory and ApplicationsTu, Jonathan Huy
2021Dynamics and Statistics of Cellular Instability in Laminar and Turbulent Expanding FlamesLiu, Zirui
2012Effect of Inductive Coil Geometry on the Operating Characteristics of a Pulsed Inductive Plasma AcceleratorHallock, Ashley Kristin