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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Apr-2017A/71/882-S/2017/345 (Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Children)Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination, Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict; Permanent Mission of Liechtenstein to the United Nations
2015Accountable AlgorithmsKroll, Joshua Alexander
2020Accurate, Energy-efficient, and Secure Machine Learning Models: Applications to Smart HealthcareAKMANDOR, AYTEN OZGE
2017Addressing Security and Privacy Challenges in Internet of ThingsMosenia, Arsalan
2013Architectures for Secure Cloud Computing ServersSzefer, Jakub M.
Aug-2010Building State and Security in AfghanistanDanspeckgruber, Wolfgang (editor); Finn, Robert (editor); H.S.H. Prince Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein; Karzai, Hamid; Maley, William; Weinbaum, Marvin; Reynolds, Andrew; Thier, J Alexander; Mullen, Rani D.; Wilder, Andrew; Lister, Sarah; Schmeidl, Susanne; Stapleton, Barbara J.; Schiewek, Eckart; Saikal, Amin; Seleny, Anna
Jul-2005Building State and Security in Afghanistan and the RegionLiechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination
2012Control of Sensitive Data in Systems with Novel FunctionalityCalandrino, Joseph Anthony
Oct-2006Creating Security and Stability in Afghanistan and the RegionLiechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination
Apr-2016Emerging European Security ChallengesLiechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination
2014Erasure Codes for Optimal Node Repairs in Distributed Storage SystemsGoparaju, Sreechakra
Dec-2016Europe Today and What's NextAndrosch, Hannes
2017Exploiting the Structure of Modern Web ApplicationsBlankstein, Aaron
Aug-2018Gender, Law, and SecurityLiechtenstein Institute on Self Determination; English, Beth; Buckinx, Barbara; Aiello, Jack; Aronoff, Maya; Chotrani, Dina; Docampo, Isabel; Kalinowska, Kasia; Ninan, Rebekah; Sakha, Sarah Ariyan; Quinn, Caitlin; Wu, Angela
Dec-2019Gender, Law, and Security (volume II)English, Beth; Buckinx, Barbara; Morrison, Amanda; Rodriguez Gallego, Kiara; Gandikota-Nellutla, Varsha; Gordon, Sarah; Malhotra, Ananya Agustin; Powell, Katherine; Johnson, Jennifer K.; Lee, Grace; Ladue, Mikaylah
26-Mar-2015Grand Strategy and Self-DeterminationLiechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination
Feb-2012Honduras: seguridad y defensaMeza, Víctor.
Jan-2012Implementing the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda in AfghanistanLiechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination; Permanent Mission of Liechtenstein to the United Nations
2020Internet Measurement for the Prevention and Detection of Internet SurveillanceRoberts, Laura M
Aug-2005Iran's Security Challenges and the RegionDanspeckgruber, Wolfgang; Guldimann, Tim; Nasseri, Cyrus; Zarif, Javad; Picco, Giandomenico; Ivashentsov, Gleb A.; Pellaud, Bruno; Saikal, Amin