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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Identity and Interests: Voter heuristics and support for redistributive policiesDonnelly, Michael J.
2014Inextricable Accomplices: The Meaning of Fighting in an Illegal War and International Law's Dissonant Treatment of the Soldiers Forced to do itDannenbaum, Karl Thomas Jayaram
2013An Institutional History of the Iranian Construction Jihad: From Inception to Institutionalization (1979-2011)Lob, Eric Sander
2014International Political Economy with Product Differentiation: Firm-level Lobbying for Trade LiberalizationKim, In Song
2012The International Security Cooperation MarketHenke, Marina Elisabeth
2013Legitimacy as Self-DeterminationLevitov, Alex
2012Leisure: The Resource of Time in Theories of Distributive JusticeRose, Julie L.
2012The Liberty Debate: Richard Price and His Critics on Civil Liberty, Free Government, and Democratic ParticipationElazar, Yiftah
2012The Moral Psychology of Sincerity in Fifth-Century AthensMann, Jennifer
2014Nondemocratic Politics, Targeted Goods Provision, and International Policy: Water and Energy Management in Post-Soviet Central AsiaHummel, Sarah Jane
2012The Origins of African Civil-Military Relations: Ethnic Armies and the Development of Coup TrapsHarkness, Kristen Angela
2012The Overthrow Option: The Strategic Choices of Interstate Conflict and Foreign-Imposed Regime ChangeMcKoy, Michael Kevin
2012Parental Rights in EducationMoschella, Melissa
2011Party Brands in Crisis: Partisanship, Brand Dilution, and the Breakdown of Political Parties in Latin AmericaLupu, Noam
2013Pathways of Cooperation: Integrated and Un-integrated International Environmental GovernanceOvodenko, Alexander
2013Perfecting War: The Organizational Sources of Doctrinal ChangeHunzeker, Michael Allen
2012Politics Between Black and WhiteDavenport, Lauren Diane
2012The Politics of Envy and Esteem in Two DemocraciesMcClendon, Gwyneth H.
2014Politics of International Finance and Bank RegulationsWilf, Meredith