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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Economic Liberalization, Electoral Coalitions and Private Investment in IndiaMurali, Kanta
2015The Economic Origins of the Territorial StateAbramson, Scott F.
2013Essays in Political Economy and Mechanism DesignIaralov, Vadim
2013Essays in Political Economy: Incentive and Efficiency Implications of Institutional Rules in Three Political SettingsParameswaran, Giridhar
2012Essays in the Positive Theory of Policy ChoiceAcharya, Avidit Raj
2014Essays on Bureaucratic Politics: Political Targeting, Deterrence Effects and the Implementation of Regulatory StatutesAcs, Alex
2015Essays on Communication in Collective BargainingChen, Jidong
2013Essays on Politics and Economics of Monetary TransfersChoi, Sungmun
2013Essays on The Political Economy of Service DeliveryMolina, Ezequiel
2013Essays on the Redistributive Consequences of Democratic ConstitutionsBecher, Michael
2013The Ethics of SolidarityHunt-Hendrix, Leah
2012Exploring Gerrymandering through Electoral Uncertainty and Competing Norms of RepresentationGoedert, Nicholas Michael
2012Fair Trade: The Responsibilities of Consumers, Corporations, and StatesGoff, Sarah Carlson
2013Finding Law: Learning in the Judicial HierarchyBeim, Deborah
2015The Hidden Politics of Voting Policy Retrenchment and the Future of the Voting Rights ActGray, Cody Justin Kirmil
2013Identity and Interests: Voter heuristics and support for redistributive policiesDonnelly, Michael J.
2014Inextricable Accomplices: The Meaning of Fighting in an Illegal War and International Law's Dissonant Treatment of the Soldiers Forced to do itDannenbaum, Karl Thomas Jayaram
2013An Institutional History of the Iranian Construction Jihad: From Inception to Institutionalization (1979-2011)Lob, Eric Sander
2014International Political Economy with Product Differentiation: Firm-level Lobbying for Trade LiberalizationKim, In Song
2012The International Security Cooperation MarketHenke, Marina Elisabeth