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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Building Politics: Urban Transformation and Governance in Cairo and IstanbulEl-Kazaz, Sarah
2014Buying Representation: The Incentives, Ideology, and Influence of Campaign Contributors in American PoliticsBarber, Michael J.
2012Collective Action, Climate Change, and the Ethical Significance of FutilityBudolfson, Mark Bryant
2014Commerce with competitors: Economic interdependence, vulnerability and security policy in contemporary East AsiaLim, Darren James
2014A Commonwealth of Hope: Virtue, Rhetoric, and Religion in Augustine's Political ThoughtLamb, Kenneth Michael
2012The Confucian Conception of the PoliticalEl Amine, Loubna
2013Contestatory Constitutionalism: Participatory Democracy as Constituent Power Against Judicial SupremacyHunter, James Robert
2012Contested Constraints: Regulatory Statutes in America's Modern Administrative StateWallach, Philip Alexander
2014Courting Compliance: Judicial Politics as a Constraint on the Domestic Enforcement of International LawKendall, Chris Alan
2011The Democracy EstablishmentBush, Sarah Sunn
2012The Dilemma of Peace Operation Design: Powerful Democracies and the Domestic Politics of Civilian ProtectionEverett, Andrea Lynn
2012Discretion and Constraint in Post-9/11 U.S. Foreign PolicyHsu, David T.
2013Economic Liberalization, Electoral Coalitions and Private Investment in IndiaMurali, Kanta
2015The Economic Origins of the Territorial StateAbramson, Scott F.
2013Essays in Political Economy and Mechanism DesignIaralov, Vadim
2013Essays in Political Economy: Incentive and Efficiency Implications of Institutional Rules in Three Political SettingsParameswaran, Giridhar
2012Essays in the Positive Theory of Policy ChoiceAcharya, Avidit Raj
2014Essays on Bureaucratic Politics: Political Targeting, Deterrence Effects and the Implementation of Regulatory StatutesAcs, Alex
2015Essays on Communication in Collective BargainingChen, Jidong