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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Effect of Inductive Coil Geometry on the Operating Characteristics of a Pulsed Inductive Plasma AcceleratorHallock, Ashley Kristin
2014Electromagnetic and Radiative Properties of Neutron Star MagnetospheresLi, Jason G.
2015Electromagnetic Torque in Tokamaks with Toroidal AsymmetriesLogan, Nikolas Christopher
2020Electron Acceleration in Non-relativistic Quasi-perpendicular Collisionless ShocksXu, Rui
2014Electron Transport in Plasmas with Lithium-Coated Plasma-Facing ComponentsJacobson, Craig
2015Erosion and re-deposition of lithium and boron coatings under high-flux plasma bombardmentAbrams, Tyler Wayne
2020Experimental and modeling studies for the development of the lithium vapor-box divertorSchwartz, Jacob A
2013Experimental Studies of Particle Acceleration and Heating During Magnetic ReconnectionYoo, Jongsoo
2012Experimental Study of 3-D, Impulsive Reconnection Events in a Laboratory PlasmaDorfman, Seth E.
2019Fluctuation Dynamo in Collisionless and Weakly Collisional Magnetized PlasmasSt-Onge, Denis A.
2012Fueling Studies on the Lithium Tokamak ExperimentLundberg, Daniel
2017Gyrokinetic Continuum Simulation of Turbulence in Open-Field-Line PlasmasShi, Eric Leon
2013Identifying New Saturation Mechanisms Hindering the Development of Plasma-Based Laser Amplifiers Utilizing Stimulated Raman BackscatteringTurnbull, David
2018Integrated Modeling of Plasma-Induced Material Migration in NSTX-UNichols, Jacob Haines
2014Ions Beams and Ferroelectric Plasma SourcesStepanov, Anton
2015Laboratory Study of the Equilibrium and Eruption of Line-Tied Magnetic Flux Ropes in the Solar CoronaMyers, Clayton
2013The Low-Recycling Lithium Boundary and Implications for Plasma TransportGranstedt, Erik Michael
2020Magnetic Field Generation and Reconnection in High Energy Density PlasmasMatteucci, Jackson
2013Magnetohydrodynamics and Heat Transfer in a Free-Surface, Flowing Liquid Metal ExperimentRhoads, John
2015Material Surface Characteristics and Plasma Performance in the Lithium Tokamak ExperimentLucia, Matthew James