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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Characterization of Nanosecond, Femtosecond and Dual Pulse Laser Energy Deposition in Air for Flow Control and Diagnostic ApplicationsLimbach, Christopher
2015Chasing Hamiltonian structure in gyrokinetic theoryBurby, Joshua William
2019Considerations for Femtosecond Laser Electronic Excitation Tagging in High-Speed FlowsPeters, Christopher John
2016Development of Multistep and Degenerate Variational Integrators for Applications in Plasma PhysicsEllison, Charles Leland
2012Effect of Inductive Coil Geometry on the Operating Characteristics of a Pulsed Inductive Plasma AcceleratorHallock, Ashley Kristin
2014Electromagnetic and Radiative Properties of Neutron Star MagnetospheresLi, Jason G.
2015Electromagnetic Torque in Tokamaks with Toroidal AsymmetriesLogan, Nikolas Christopher
2020Electron Acceleration in Non-relativistic Quasi-perpendicular Collisionless ShocksXu, Rui
2014Electron Transport in Plasmas with Lithium-Coated Plasma-Facing ComponentsJacobson, Craig
2015Erosion and re-deposition of lithium and boron coatings under high-flux plasma bombardmentAbrams, Tyler Wayne
2020Experimental and modeling studies for the development of the lithium vapor-box divertorSchwartz, Jacob A
2013Experimental Studies of Particle Acceleration and Heating During Magnetic ReconnectionYoo, Jongsoo
2012Experimental Study of 3-D, Impulsive Reconnection Events in a Laboratory PlasmaDorfman, Seth E.
2019Fluctuation Dynamo in Collisionless and Weakly Collisional Magnetized PlasmasSt-Onge, Denis A.
2012Fueling Studies on the Lithium Tokamak ExperimentLundberg, Daniel
2017Gyrokinetic Continuum Simulation of Turbulence in Open-Field-Line PlasmasShi, Eric Leon
2013Identifying New Saturation Mechanisms Hindering the Development of Plasma-Based Laser Amplifiers Utilizing Stimulated Raman BackscatteringTurnbull, David
2018Integrated Modeling of Plasma-Induced Material Migration in NSTX-UNichols, Jacob Haines
2014Ions Beams and Ferroelectric Plasma SourcesStepanov, Anton
2015Laboratory Study of the Equilibrium and Eruption of Line-Tied Magnetic Flux Ropes in the Solar CoronaMyers, Clayton