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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Tensor Network States, Entanglement, and Anomalies of Topological Phases of MattersZheng, Yunqin
2022Testing the Fundamental Properties of Dark MatterMoschella, Matthew Thomas
2019The Dark Side of the Gravitational Force: Lessons from Astrophysics on Gravity, Black Holes, and Dark MatterPardo, Kristofer
2016The First Flight of the SPIDER Balloon-Borne TelescopeRahlin, Alexandra Sasha
2021The Physics of Spatial Differentiation in Living SystemsWeiner, Benjamin G
2023The Universal Focal-plane Module for Simons ObservatoryHealy, Erin
2014Topological Insulator Nanostructures and DevicesAlegria, Loren Daniel
2022Topological kagome magnets and superconductors: a view with scanning tunneling spectro-microscopyShumiya, Nana
2020Topological Structures in Supersymmetric Gauge TheoriesFan, Yale
2013Toward development of X-ray lases in water windowLuo, Yushan
2021Towards Next-Generation Millimeter-Wave Cosmology from the AtacamaLi, Zequn
2022Towards the Black Hole InteriorLin, Henry Wanjune
2016Transport and Magnetic Properties in Topological MaterialsLiang, Tian
2020transport properties of topological chalcogenides under pressureLin, Jingjing
2020Transport Properties of Topological Semimetals and Non-Symmorphic Topological InsulatorLiang, Sihang
2018Two Studies of Complex Nonlinear Systems: Engineered Granular Crystals and Coarse-Graining Optimization ProblemsPozharskiy, Dmitry
2021Ultra-high-quality GaAs and AlAs two-dimensional electron systems via molecular beam epitaxyChung, Edwin Yoonjang
2013Ultrashort Ultraintense Laser Pulses by Stimulated Raman Backscattering Amplification and Compression in PlasmaLi, Shuanglei
2017Understanding turbulence in compressing plasmas and its exploitation or preventionDavidovits, Seth
2019Unmasking Underlying Molecular Photophysical Mechanisms Using Quantum ChemistryTaffet, Elliot