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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Femtosecond Laser Electronic Excitation Tagging for Aerodynamic and Thermodynamic MeasurementsCalvert, Nathan David
2014Few-electron Qubits in Silicon Quantum Electronic DevicesWang, Ke
2014First measurement of pp neutrinos in real time in the Borexino detectorMosteiro, Pablo
2019Fluid closures for the modelling of reconnection and instabilities in magnetotail current sheetsNg, Jonathan
2021Focal Plane Development for Observations of the Cosmic Microwave Background with the Simons ObservatoryBruno, Sarah Marie Michelle
2018Formation and Glassy Properties of Irreversibly Adsorbed Polymer NanolayersDavis, Mary Jean Burroughs
2017Formation of Long-Range Ordered Organic Thin Films and their Impact on Solar Cell Energy LossFusella, Michael Anthony
2015From Quantum Cascade to Super Cascade Laser: A New Laser Design Paradigm for Broad Spectral Emission & A Re-Examination of Current SpreadingLe, Loan T.
2014The Frontier of Modern Calorimetry: Hardware Advances and Application in Particle Physics AnalysisMedvedeva, Tatiana
2022Gauge Structure in Algorithms for Plasma PhysicsGlasser, Alexander S.
2013Geodesics in First-Passage Percolation and Random Walks on Critical Percolation ClustersHanson, Jack Thomas
2013Geometric Aspects and Neutral Excitations of the Fractional Quantum Hall EffectYang, Bo
2019Geometric distortions and quantum criticality in the lowest Landau levelIppoliti, Matteo
2014Guiding-center Hall viscosity and intrinsic dipole moment of fractional quantum Hall statesPARK, YEJE
2023High Fidelity Operation of Si/SiGe Spin Qubit DevicesMills, Adam
2015High Performance Quantum Cascade Lasers: Loss, Beam Stability, and Gain EngineeringBouzi, Pierre
2014Identifying details that matter: fruit fly development, genetic regulation, and microbial ecologyTikhonov, Mikhail
2013III-V semiconductor Quantum Well systems: physics of GaAs two-dimensional hole systems and engineering of mid-infrared Quantum Cascade lasersChiu, YenTing
2018In Search of Inflation: Tools for Cosmic Microwave Background PolarimetryCrowley, Kevin