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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Large Diameter Nanoparticle Building Blocks for the Bottom-Up Synthesis of Plasmonically Active Artificial MoleculesEmerson, Nyssa Takara
2016Lessons from the quantum control landscape: Robust optimal control of quantum systems and optimal control of nonlinear Schrödinger equationsHocker, David Lance
2022Measuring Biomolecular Dynamics Using Single-Molecule Fluorescence in an Anti-Brownian TrapWilson, Hugh Sutcliffe
2013Mechanical properties of lightweight metals from first principles orbital-free density functional theoryShin, Ilgyou
2016Mechanistic Insights into the Reduction of Carbon Dioxide on Tin and Bismuth Electrodes using in situ Infrared Spectroscopy and Differential Electrochemical Mass SpectrometryBaruch, Maor Felix
2017Metal oxide/semiconductor heterojunctions as carrier-selective contacts for photovoltaic applicationsMan, Gabriel Jen Shi
2013Methods and Strategies for the Ab Initio Design of Novel Mn Oxide-Based Water Splitting Photocatalyst MaterialsKanan, Dalal K.
2012The microstructures of cold dense systems as informed by hard sphere models and optimal packingsHopkins, Adam Bayne
2020New directions in the ultrafast spectroscopy of organic chromophoresKudisch, Bryan
2019Organic Photovoltaics Using Multiple Exciton EffectsLin, YunHui Lisa
2018Perturbation Theories Based on the Density Matrix Renormalization GroupGuo, Sheng
2019Photochemistry and Photophysics of Nickel ComplexesShields, Benjamin Joseph
2019Photoelectrochemical Fuel Production on Delafossite AgRhO2 and AgFeO2 and Electrochemical Oxidative Etching of Sn-doped Bi2Te2SePark, James Eujin
2016Quantum control landscape analysis including its application in NMR experimentsSun, Qiuyang
2017Quantum control over vast time scales and lenght scalesGontijo Campos, Andre
2023Shining Light on Light-Matter States: Fundamental Studies of Electronic Strong Coupling in Organic MaterialsDelPo, Courtney
2015Single-Molecule Electrical Components and Intramolecular Circuits: Control of Electron Transport through a Molecular JunctionHsu, Liang-Yan
2016State-of-the-art quantum chemistry modeling for extended electronic systemsHu, Weifeng
2015Structure and Reactivity of Nickel and Iron Modified Palladium(111) SurfacesFu, Jie
2023Studies in Interfacial Fluid Mechanics: From Diffusiophoresis in Multivalent Electrolytes to Drop Motions on Fibers in a CrosswindWilson, Jessica Laura