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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Nov-2013Tax Reforms in Pakistan: Brief Prepared for Policy Symposium on Tax Reforms in Pakistan-
2001Three Essays on Debt.Sayeed, Asad; Bengali, Kaiser; Khan, Shahrukh Rafi
2014Toxic Mercury and Mercury Amalgam Use in Dentistry – the need to review and revise current BDS curriculum at dental teaching institutionsKhwaja, Mahmood A.; Nawaz, Sadaf
2007Trade Liberalisation, Financial Development and Economic GrowthKhan, Muhammad Arshad; Qayyum, Abdul
2004Unemployment, poverty and declining socioeconomic status associated with increased suicides among Pakistani youth: a case study of 366 attempted suicides in SindhBabbar, Mohsin; Qazilbash, Ali Abbas
2000An Update on ISO 14,000 Series Related ActivitiesShaheen, Faisal Haq
2001An Update on ISO 14,000 Series Related ActivitiesShaheen, Faisal Haq
2004Urban Women Rebels: Voices of Dissent in Urdu Popular FictionAhmed, Kiran Nazir
2002Using Theatre as a Research Tool: Troubleshooting and Benchmarking Pakistan’s Devolution PlanKhan, Shahrukh Rafi; Akhtar, Aasim Sajjad
2002Violence and Home: Afghan women's experience of displacementKhatak, Saba Gul
2002Violence and the Centrality of Home: Women's experience of insecurity in the Karachi conflictKhattak, Saba Gul
2006Volatility Spillover between the Stock Market and the Foreign Market in PakistanQayyum, Abdul; Kemal, A. R.
2007Wage Differentials, Rate of Return to Education, and Occupational Wage Share in the Labour Market of PakistanHyder, Asma
2000Water Harvesting in Mountain Areas of Pakistan: Issues and OptionsZia, Shahid M.; Hasnain, Tahir
2014Wealth as an Indicator of Socio-Economic Welfare: Islamic ViewsZaman, Asad; Naveed, Arif; Rehman, Atiq-ur
2012Welfare Impact of the Health Intervention in Pakistan: The Case of Lady Health Workers ProgrammeArif, Arif; Nayab, Durre; Farooq, Shujaat; Nazir, Saman; Satti, Maryam Naeem
2014What Determines Payment Methods and Deal Amount in Corporate Merger and Acquisitions in PakistanAkhtar, Yasmeen; Javid, Attiya Yasmin; Abbasi, Tariq
2006Wheat Markets and Price Stabilisation in Pakistan: An Analysis of Policy OptionsDorosh, Paul; Salam, Abdul
2011Women's empowerment in Pakistan : a scoping studySaigol, Rubina
Aug-2011Working Toward Peace and Prosperity in AfghanistanLiechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination; Danspeckgruber, Wolfgang (editor); Barry, Michael; Koepke, Bruce; Yaqub, Daoud; Stapleton, Barbara J.; Gow, James; Maley, William; Byrd, William A.; Barfield, Thomas; Ahmadi, Belquis; Frogh, Wazhma; Qanih, Arezoo; Jansen, Michael; Zia, Mohammed Ehsan; Banerjee, Nipa; Steinberg, Rachel; Finn, Robert; Siddiqi, Shirazuddin; Vendrell, Francesc; Plassnik, Ursula; Schmeidl, Susanne; Miszak, Nick; Ruttig, Thomas; Mukhopadhyay, Dipali; Jarvenpaa, Minna