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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2011Mainstreaming Pakistan for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation Plus (REDD+): The way forward to Readiness PhaseJaved Iqbal, Kanwar Muhammad; Ahmad, Maqsood
Jan-2011Mainstreaming Research in Gender Interventions: Summaries of Scoping Studies Based on Findings, Gaps and RecommendationsSaigol, Rubina; Brohi, Nazish; Perveen, Rakhshinda; Jaffer, Rafiq
Mar-2013Managing Diversity in Pakistan: Going Beyond FederalismSamad, Yunas
14-Mar-2013Manifesto 2013Pakistan People's Party Parliamentarians
2014Market Imperfections and Dividend Policy Decisions of Manufacturing Sector of PakistanYounis, Darakhshan; Javid, Attiya Yasmin
2017Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) in Schools – A neglected issueDauenhauer, Dr. Katrin; Büürma, Mintje; Schlenk, Jan
2001Mine Workers: Working and Living Conditions.Salim, Ahmad
1993A Model for Social Development Based on the CommunityMahmood, Moazam
2006Myths and Realities of Long-run Development: A Look at Deeper DeterminantsHasan, Lubna
Nov-2009Natural Resource Allocation in Balochistan and NWFP: Reasons for DiscontentKhwaja, Meezan Z.; Suleri, Abid Q.; Shahbaz, Babar
Jul-2010Natural Resources: Blessing or CurseSuleri, Abid; Shahbaz, Babar; Khwaja, Meezan Z.
May-2012A New Methodological Framework for Measuring Poverty in PakistanNaveed, Arif; Islam, Tanweer-ul
2002Non-competitive behaviour: Case Studies from the cement and pharmaceutical sectors.Qureshi, Mahvash Saeed
1993Note on the First Meeting of the Prime Minster’s Task Force on the EconomyBanuri, Tariq
1993Note on the First Meeting of the UN Commission for Sustainable Development-
2013Pak-SAARC Intra-industry TradeAkram, Adnan
2001Pakistan in the Global Seed PoliticsChaudhry, Nusrat Sultana
1993The Pakistan National Conservation Strategy: A Plan of Action for The 1990sBanuri, T ariq
1999Pakistan's Chashma Nuclear Power Plant: A preliminary study of some safety issues and estimates of the consequences of a severe accidentMian, Zia; Nayyar, A.H.
Nov-2009Pakistan's Textile and Clothing Sector: Its Future in the European UnionSiegmann, Karin Astrid