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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Environment: A People’s PerspectiveKhan, Shahrukh Rafi
1999Environmental Impacts and Mitigation Costs of Cloth and Leather Exports from PakistanKhan, Shahrukh Rafi; Khwaja, Mahmood A.; Khan, Abdul Matin; Ghani, Haider; Kazmi, Sajid
2001Environmental Security in Pakistan, Are There Grounds for Optimism?Khan, Shaheen Rafi
1995Equity in Public Sector University Admissions Policy in PakistanKhan, Shahrukh Rafi
2011Estimating the Middle Class in PakistanNayab, Durr-e
Jul-2012Experiments with Industrial policy: The Case of PakistanHussain, Sahar S.; Ahmed, Vaqar
2004Factors Associated with Failure of Family Planning Methods in Pakistan: Burhan Village Case StudySultana, Aneela; Qazilbash, Ali Abbas
2002Factors Determining The Labor Force Participation Decision of Educated Married Women in a District of PunjabHafeez, Amtul; Ahmed, Eatzaz
May-2014FDI in India: Prospects for PakistanAhmed, Vaqar; Suleri, Abid Q.; Adnan, Muhammad
2014Financial Flows, External Capital Structure, Institutions and Economic Growth in Asian Developing EconomiesBashir, Madiha; Javid, Attiya Yasmin
2011Fiscal Federalism in Pakistan: The 7th National Finance Commission Award and Its ImplicationsMustafa, Usman
Jun-2010Food price increases in South Asia: national responses and regional dimensionsWorld Bank, South Asia Region
2013Foreign Aid and the Fiscal Behaviour of Government of PakistanButt, Rabia; Javid, Attiya Yasmin
11-Mar-2015Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth: The Role of Domestic Financial SectorKhan, Muhammad Arshad
Sep-2010Forest Management Paradigms and Resource Rights in Historical Perspective: Evidence from the Swat District, PakistanKhan, Talimand
2003Fractured Narratives, Totalizing Violence: Notes on Women in Conflict – Sri Lanka and PakistanMel, Neloufer de
1993Framework Convention on Climate ChangeAlam, Sadaf
2007A Fresh Assessment of the Underground Economy and Tax Evasion in Pakistan: Causes, Consequences, and Linkages with the Formal EconomyKemal, M. Ali
Mar-2015Fund-raising for Energy Projects in PakistanKhan, Huma Dad; Ahmed, Vaqar
Nov-2012Future of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): Perspectives from PakistanDoolan, Andrew; Ahmed, Vaqar