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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Habits that Make, Habits that Break: Gender, Children's Behavior Problems, and Educational Attainment Across Two DecadesOwens, Jayanti
2020Health Across the Life CourseAndrasfay, Theresa
2013Immigration Status and Child Well-Being in the United StatesGelatt, Julia
2011In Sickness and Wealth:Three Essays on Health Human Capital and HIV in sub-Sahran AfricaGummerson, Elizabeth Anne
2016Integrating Data, Demography, and Dynamics to Inform Vaccination Policy: Measles and Rubella in a Changing WorldWinter, Amy Kaye
2015An Intimate Epidemic: HIV and Marriage in Rural UgandaSully, Elizabeth Anne
2019It’s about Time: Improving the Measurement of Time Use in Low-resource SettingsMarin, Margaret Celeste
2015Little women: Essays on maternal nutrition, social hierarchy, and health in IndiaCoffey, Diane
2015Men and Contraception in Sub-Saharan AfricaBietsch, Kristin E.
2019Modernization and Household Change in IndiaBreton, Etienne
2015Network Reporting MethodsFeehan, Dennis Michael
2011Perspectives on Social Inequality, Migration, and Health: Three Essays on MexicoUllmann, Silvia Heidi
2012Population Problems? Demographic Knowledge and Fertility in Great Britain and France, 1945-2005Marshall, Emily Ann
2013The Production and Consequences of Migrant Irregularity: Senegalese in France, Italy, and SpainVickstrom, Erik
2015Relationships between Marriage and Fertility Changes in Six sub-Saharan African CountriesSayi, Takudzwa
2021Research Begins with a Goal: A Framework Illustrated by Gap-Closing EstimandsLundberg, Ian Daniel
2015Socioeconomic Status and Health: A Role for Immune Function?Todd, Megan
2020Spatial Demography and the Epidemiology of MeaslesKorevaar, Hannah Michelle
2018The Color of Inequity: Perceptions of Discrimination in Latin AmericaDixon, Angela