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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Quantitative Analysis of Metabolism and Protein Abundance Using Integrative `OmicsHackett, Sean Richard
2011Refactoring Router Software to Minimize DisruptionKeller, Eric
2020Regret-Minimizing Algorithms Beyond Classical Optimization and ControlZhang, Cyril
2017Relaxing the Implementation of Embedded Sensing Systems through Machine Learning and Statistical OptimizationWang, Zhuo
2018Resource Management for Advanced Data Analytics at Large ScaleZhang, Haoyu
2020Resource-Efficient Management of Large-Scale Public Cloud SystemsShahrad, Mohammad
2019Rethinking the Science of Statistical PrivacyLiu, Changchang
2019RGBD Pipeline for Indoor Scene Reconstruction and UnderstandingHalber, Maciej Stanislaw
2012Runtime Speculative Software-Only Fault ToleranceZhang, Yun
2015Scalable inference of discrete data: user behavior, networks and genetic variationGopalan, Prem Krishna
2019Scalable, Network-Wide Telemetry with Programmable SwitchesHarrison, Walter Robert Jones
2018Second-Order Optimization Methods for Machine LearningAgarwal, Naman
2013Semantic Language Extensions for Implicit Parallel ProgrammingPrabhu, Prakash
2018Separation-Logic-Based Program Verification in CoqCao, Qinxiang
2014Shape Analysis With Crowdsourced DataChen, Xiaobai
2019Shape Synthesis Using Structure-Aware ReasoningSizikova, Elena
2012Similarity Search with Multimodal DataWang, Zhe
2014Sparsity, robustness, and diversification of Recommender SystemsZhang, Zhuo
2015Specifying, Verifying, and Translating Between Memory Consistency ModelsLustig, Daniel Joseph
2018Speech Synthesis for Text-Based Editing of Audio NarrationJin, Zeyu